Scottsdale bar and restaurant toast to “Pour Decisions”

Nearly 15 years ago, Chandler residents Jackson and Monique Armstrong became regulars at Dos Gringos in Old Town Scottsdale near Craftsman Court between Third and Fifth Avenues.

Like most, they were sad when the bar closed in the fall of 2015.

Nearly eight years later, faucets have started flowing again at the 10,000-square-foot facility, but this time under a different concept.

After a lengthy bidding process, the Armstrongs secured the winning bid on the space. What emerged was Pour Decisions, a modern bar and restaurant aimed at millennial women.

“In my head, what I wanted was something that was going to be for our age demographic that would also revitalize the street and certainly the space,” Jackson says. “Everything (across) Scottsdale Road is geared towards a younger crowd and people who grew up going to this bar now have a certain nostalgia when they come here.”

Pour Decisions features a rooftop bar, indoor restaurant seating, and an outdoor patio equipped with a bar and an intimate stage for live music.

“A patio bar is probably the most sought-after thing in Scottsdale because there are only a few in town that aren’t affiliated with a hotel,” Jackson says. “Everyone also likes to hang out on a terrace. So when you get a roof on top of that, it’s a double whammy.

After signing a lease in December, the Armstrongs draped the restaurant’s simple setting with floral decor, neon lights, murals and flat-screen TVs.

Although the Armstrongs hoped to open the doors in time for the Super Bowl, they unveiled it on March 22.

With its opening date now in the rearview mirror, Pour Decisions serves a selection of craft cocktails and fine bar fare like pizzas, salads, sandwiches and tacos.

“The food menu isn’t just crappy old bar food,” Jackson says. “It’s really meant to be an upmarket version of a cool bar to go to.”

The cocktail menu packs the punch.

“We know that people eat and drink with their eyes, so when people order a cocktail, we want it to be a cocktail that the whole table will want because of how beautiful it is,” says Monique.

Monique hopes the efficient cocktails and mixologists will set Pour Decisions apart.

“I want something that’s going to stand out among the rest because there are a lot of mixology bars and a lot of cool craft cocktail bars that have started to come back over the last couple of years,” Monique says. “We also want to have a selection of different types of cocktails that hit every call.”

Although it’s a tough choice, Monique says some of her favorites are Mezcal, Pretty Ricky and Frosé.

The Armstrongs hope to expand Pour Decisions’ offerings by hosting country concerts and corporate and charity events.

“We kind of let the community dictate what they want here and it leans a lot more towards country music because there aren’t a lot of places here that do that at all,” Jackson says. “We built this bar for the female demographic more than anything else, and we know that the female demographic right now is into country music since it’s the music they can dance to and have fun listening to.”

More than anything, the owners of Pour Decisions hope to become a destination for customers who want to enjoy delicious drink, delicious food and a lively atmosphere.

“We’re big on experience and atmosphere and we want people to come in and experience what we’re trying to represent here in Scottsdale and then tell 10 of their friends about it after they leave,” Monique explains.

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4209 N. Craftsman Court, Scottsdale



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