Spoiler: How Dr. Perez is written off of ‘The Good Doctor’

the good doctor said goodbye to Dr. Danny Perez, at least for now.TV line reported last week thatBrandon Larracuente, the actor who plays Perez, would not return to the series as a series regular for season 7 – and now that the season 6 finale has aired, we know how his character is written off. So what happened to fan favorite Dr. Perez?Spoilers ahead!

How Dr. Perez is disbarred the good doctor

The season 6 finale of the good doctor opens with a multi-car accident involving Dr. Danny Perez, who is working on a patient in an ambulance at the time of the accident. A recovering opioid addict, Perez adamantly refuses painkillers, but despite his urgent protests, his on-and-off love, Dr. Jordan Allen (Bria Samone Henderson), decides to give him the medicine he needs.

Although Perez is furious at first, he ends up thanking Jordan for saving his life. The only problem? He must now seek recovery treatment at home with his family in Texas, which means saying goodbye.

“You trusted me, even though I’m pretty sure I didn’t deserve it,” he told Jordan during their emotional goodbye. “You made me believe I could do it. I will miss you.”

The send-off leaves the door open for Larracuente to return as a future guest star, but for now his character is stepping away from Jordan and St. Bonaventure Hospital.

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In a Season 6 finale interview with Parade, the good doctor carry outFreddie Highmorewho plays Dr. Shaun Murphy, reflects on Dr. Perez’s farewell.

“It was like the culmination of such a huge journey that he’s been on,” he says. “Yet at the same time having to face the future for both of them was just heartbreaking. I found it all extremely moving.”

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Larracuente joined the good doctor in the second episode of Season 6 and quickly became a series regular. According Deadlinehis next project is a major role in Wolf DickIt is on duty, from Prime Video. The series will follow veteran training officer Traci Harmon (Troian Bellisario) and his rookie Alex Diaz (Larracuente), in the streets of Long Beach.

ABC’s The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET.

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