Lisa Rinna is making a big comeback to reality TV… She’s the next Kris Jenner

Lisa Rina

Lisa Rinna is making a big reality TV comeback… She’s the next Kris Jenner

According to reports, Lisa Rina has ambitious plans for his future in the entertainment industry following his departure from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a few weeks ago.

Lisa Rina

According to sources, Lisa Rina preparing for his return to reality TV. Lisawith her husband, Harry Hamlin71 years old and girls Delilah,24, and Amelia Hamlin, 21, is developing a new reality TV series. The show would aim to compete The Kardashiansin order to make Lisa Rina Hollywood’s most influential reality mogul.

Lisa Rina

“It will be interesting to see if Bravo steps up and develops a new show for Lisa or if she turns to streaming like the Kardashians did,” an insider said. The American Sun. Adding, “prepare her for a payday of epic proportions [that bosses can] build a major reality franchise around.

Although no concrete plan has been established, Lisa Rina is determined to secure something by May, whatever it is.

Lisa is a bit like the T-1000 version of Kris Jenner, and she’s going to be totally ruthless and relentless to nail her next reality TV gig,” the source said. “Treading on other people’s toes is the last thing she worries about, and no one is better suited to succeed Kris and this franchise than Lisa and his family.

Lisa Rina

Lisa Rina was fired from RHOBH after appearing on the show for eight seasons.

“This is the longest job I’ve had in my 35 year career and I’m grateful to everyone at Bravo and everyone involved with the show,” she shared. “It’s been a fun eight year run and I’m excited for what’s to come!” Lisa spoke to PEOPLE about her exit.

Lisa Rina

Lisa Rina And Harry Hamlin married in 1997 and soon after their daughters were born.

After graduating from high school, Delilah and Amelia moved to New York to attend college. They then embarked on a modeling career, taking over from their parents in the entertainment industry.

Lisa Rina

Harry Hamlin praised his daughters for handling their fame and that of their parents with grace. In November 2021, he said they had “done an amazing job of staying together,” PEOPLE reports.

“They dealt with the things… that all the kids have dealt with,” he added. “Especially in these times when you have the cell phone, the internet, social media and all eyes on you.”

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