Jeff Probst drops a bombshell about Survivor’s future – ‘Next Generation’ season could be soon

Survivor with the host Jeff Prost has captivated viewers for 23 years. And, throughout that time, we’ve seen players from the early seasons grow up, settle down, and start families of their own.

What is even more fascinating is that some of their children have decided to follow in their parents’ footsteps by participating in the competition. Survivor play alongside them.

Growing Up Survivor: the journey of the candidates’ children

For example, Survivor: The Australian Outback winner Tina Wesson returned to the show with her daughter Katie Collins for the Survivor: blood against water season.

Tina Wesson and her daughter Katie Collins |  SCS
Tina Wesson and her daughter Katie Collins | SCS

The season also featured Survivor: One World‘s Laura Morett and her daughter, Ciera Eastin, who helped vote her own mother out of the game.

Additionally, two-time U.S. champion Sandra Diaz-Twine played on the Australian Survivor: Blood for Water season with his daughter, Nina, who later returned for Australia heroes versus villains and was rejected in fifth place.

Jeff Probst wants it… but there are problems

The idea of ​​an entire season filled with the offspring of famous Survivor the players made the buzz. And the question arose of hosting Jeff Probst on the last episode of his On Fire with Jeff Probst podcast.

Survivor: Next Generation - Jeff Probst |  SCS
Survivor – Jeff Probst | SCS

Asked about the possibility of a full Survivor: The Next Generation, Jeff Probst revealed that it’s a concept that was considered by the show’s creative team. “Believe it or not, we’ve spoken to a lot of former players about having their kids on the show.” He added: “Actually, we kind of looked into it at one point, but we really didn’t have enough.”

Survivor Casting Challenges: Ensuring Compelling Second Generation Candidates

However, Probst explained that it was not just about finding enough candidates. While the idea of ​​a second generation Survivor the season is intriguing.

But making sure the cast members can stand out as individuals is crucial. And it’s beyond their bond with their famous relative. “You still have to invest in them, they have to go through the same casting process. You want compelling people. They have to go through psychology and all that,” Probst says.

The Future of Survivor: A Potentially Family-Centric Season

It may seem that Probst is skeptical about the Survivor offspring idea. But he admits that could become a possibility in the future. “I would say if we’re long enough it would be really fun,” the host says. “And then you find a way to incorporate their parents who played the game into some sort of mentoring role, or something. Loved one! A loved one upside down!


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