Jessica Alba used ‘armor of masculinity’ to not be ‘the prey’

“I tried to make myself as unavailable as possible so that I wouldn’t be taken advantage of,” Alba said.

Jessica Alba harnessed her own superpower to thwart unwanted sexual advances.

The ‘Fantastic Four’ alum has opened up about his sexualization as the star of James Cameron’s 2000 series ‘Dark Angel’. Alba was 19 at the time. The show ran for two seasons before ending in 2002, with Alba next starring in the films “Sin City” and “Honey.”

“I guess I understood that I needed to help sell the product. And they sell it the way they do, so I understood it as a business decision and a strategy,” Alba said during “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? talk show. And so I was able to walk away from it. But I guess, you know, you can’t change other people’s minds about what they can or not think of you.

She continued, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with owning your sexuality. Frankly, I was definitely not that person. I was very nervous about the whole thing and I was quite uncomfortable in my own skin.

Alba noted that she deliberately exudes a “masculine energy” so as not to be “preyed upon” by Hollywood.

“It wasn’t until I became a mom that I really started to see myself as a woman or a sexual being or someone who owned her power and her femininity,” Alba said. “At that time, I felt like I had to put on this armor of masculinity and masculine energy so that I wouldn’t, you know, fall prey because there were a lot of predators in Hollywood from 12 to 26. ”

She added: “I was a warrior. I put this energy. I was really tough, man. I swear like a sailor and I think I tried to make myself as unavailable as possible so I wouldn’t be taken advantage of.

Alba has previously opened up about being a Mexican-American actress in Hollywood, saying that although she is “naturally introverted”, she proudly agreed “to be one of the few” diverse superheroes in the MCU in as Sue Storm in “Fantastic Four”.

“If you have managers who don’t really reflect the audience you’re addressing, they only know what they know. They only know what they like. And so they’re going to gravitate towards more of the same,” Alba said in July 2022. “And 50% of the population, we are women. And we like action movies, and we like superheroes, and we like romantic comedies, and we like dramas and horror, and all that. But if 90% of the leaders don’t look like us, they will continue to do the same. The system simply needs to be more diverse.

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