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*Spoilers ahead*

BMF fans flock YungMiamiThe guest appearance as “Deanna” on the hit series that packed all the punch ahead of the highly anticipated season finale next week.

The City Girl rapper gave fans an exclusive look at her character from the new episode where she played the wife of Meech’s potential Atlanta hookup, Ty Washington (Mike Merrill).

In her big dramatic scene, Caresha demands to know her husband’s whereabouts before Meech delivers the bad news that he was killed outside of a club.

As expected, Twitter exploded with reactions ranging from “go girl!” to “this is the worst acting I’ve ever seen” as Caresha responded to fans on her Twitter timeline.

With Freaknik as the backdrop, the action-packed episode veers left, then right, then left again with the villainous Lamar killing Monique (Kash Doll) for betraying him, with Charles’ wife confronting his mistress with a frying pan and Meech unknowingly entering into a fight for his survival ahead of the series finale next week.

Inspired by true legends, BMF continues to humanize the choices of the Flenory brothers and their pursuit of the American dream.

Rooted in family, loyalty and brotherhood, this season delved deeper into the brothers’ complex family relationships with their parents Charles Flenory (Russell Hornsby) and Lucille Flenory (Michole Briana White) who seek advice from their spiritual advisor Pastor Swift (Snoop Dogg) amid their marital woes.

Separated from his disapproving parents, Meech takes steps to expand the business beyond Detroit, which turns out to be a risky gamble with potentially deadly consequences.

What did you think of Caresha’s big dramatic scene? Tell us below and watch the Twitter hysteria over Yung Miami BMF guest appearance on the flip.


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