How to Unlock Link in The Super Mario Bros. Movie: a totally real hack

The movie Super Mario Bros. premiered on Wednesday, and its ensemble cast is a 40-year parade of Nintendo characters, from Donkey Kong to the extended family of Mario and Luigi. It’s a list worthy of something like Super Smash Bros Ultimate (which also gets a hat-trick in the film).

Now take that with a grain of popcorn, but I heard there was In fact an unlockable Legend of Zelda mode for this film. If you go see it a second time and follow the exact process below, you’ll see a secret reel where all Mario characters are swapped out for Zelda characters. Mario is Link, Peach is Zelda, Toad is Tingle, and Charles Martinet is replaced by Jonathan Potts.

Promised sworn. I just read this on the back of Scholastic’s Dynamite magazine in the elementary school library. Anyway, here is the secret code to unlock Link and co. In The movie Super Mario Bros.:

  1. Buy a ticket for a morning. It must be a morning.
  2. Sit in the middle of the front row of the theater.
  3. Mute your cell phone (very important).
  4. Stand up and sit down twice.
  5. Sit in the seat immediately to the left.
  6. Sit in the seat immediately to the right.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6.
  8. Press B, A, then START. (An image of Mr. T should appear on the movie screen if you did it correctly.)
  9. Say nothing for the rest of the movie. Or, if you must speak, do so only in a low, polite voice to a companion or the theater usher. (Also very important!)

Note that you can’t do some of this at home, so this cheat code will only work in the theater. (Although you can always turn off your phone while streaming the movie. And it will be better that way.)

I’m 100% sure this hack works – I asked my uncle who works for Nintendo and my aunt who works for Illumination about it, and they said it was true. So, did you have Link in your film? Let us know in the comments!


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