John Fuda’s ex accuses him of banning visits with his son

RHONJ star's ex John Fuda accuses her of banning visitation with his son, explains why she gave up custody and reacts to Rachel's adoption attempt

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The ex-girlfriend of Rachel Foudathe husband of, John Fudatalks about her relationship with their son, Jaiden, 16.

As Rachel continues to search for a possible adoption of the child in recent episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jerseyformer bartender Brittany Malschwho is currently serving a prison sentence in a halfway house in Paterson, accuses John of forbidding her to see their son and explaining why she gave up custody more than a decade ago.

In a prison interview with The US Sun on April 5, Brittany, who lost custody in 2011, claimed that although she saw Jaiden “periodically until 2017”, John refused to allow it. to make contact in the years that followed.

“I tried to get in touch with my son, but John wouldn’t let me. Since I’ve been in prison, John has prevented me from talking to him and seeing him. It was not my choice,” she explained. “When I get out of here, I’ll have to get a lawyer because he won’t let me see him.”

According to the report, Brittany will be eligible for release in September 2023, but could remain behind bars until October 2024.

In recent years, Brittany has faced a slew of charges including burglary, money laundering and possession with intent to distribute crystal meth. But, amid her legal struggles, Brittany said she made the “extremely selfless decision” to give up her parental rights “for Jaiden’s sake”.

After dating for four years, including two years of engagement, John and Brittany separated in 2009. Then, eight years later, after meeting in 2015, John and Rachel, who share 2-year-old daughter Gianella and 1 year -old daughter Giuliana, married.

Speaking of RHONJBrittany said she first found out about Jaiden appearing on the show through a friend.

“I think it’s great. I love it,” she said of her son’s role. “He’s amazing.”

As for John, Brittany said it was “extremely comical” to see him and noted that “he acts the same as usual”.

Brittany went on to say that while she doesn’t know Rachel well enough to form an opinion, she’s “not surprised” that Rachel wants to adopt her son.

“That doesn’t surprise me at all. I knew they would, so I expected it,” Brittany revealed. “In fact, I predicted this would happen when I first heard about them being on the show. John will take any opportunity to make himself look better by making me look worse. But I don’t am not impressed by what other people say and think.

During a recent episode of RHONJJohn was seen discussing Rachel’s potential adoption of Jaiden with his wife.

“It’s not easy, it takes time. You must appear before a judge. The judge then signs a petition, but you know that there is a process to possibly contact his biological mother, ”he explained. “She should probably sign.”

“I don’t really want to deal with [Brittany],” he added.

And, as the couple meet with an adoption counselor in an upcoming episode, they learn that Brittany may be getting in the way of Jaiden’s adoption.

“If Jaiden’s mother objects, she would be entitled to an appointed lawyer,” the adviser tells them.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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