Bo & Hope Reunion faces 3 huge hurdles in ‘days of our lives’

On days of our livesthey teased the return of Bo Brady And I hope Brady for many months now. However, it doesn’t look like their reunion as a romantic couple is coming anytime soon.

Although the peacock soap opera has pushed promos showing Bo looking loved with Hope, the fact is, there are three giant hurdles in the way of a reunion for this awesome couple. How long until they’re together again?

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#1 I hope Brady has moved on since Bo Brady died in Days of Our Lives

In case you don’t remember, it’s been 71/2 long years since Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) died in the arms of Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso) on days of our lives. He died of complications from a brain tumor on November 23, 2015.

Since then, Hope has mourned the loss of the love of her life. But then she found a new path and overcame her grief. And after losing her soulmate, she had several other romantic interests.

Before seeing her again Beyond Salem Chapter 2, she had been involved with Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering). Then, in the DOOL spin-off, we saw her in the arms of Harris Michaels (Steve Burton).

The bottom line is that she’s in a completely different place in her life right now. And it is an obstacle. But maybe not the biggest she and Bo will face before they can get back together on days of our lives.

#2 Bo Brady isn’t the man he once was on DOOL

The biggest challenge they might face is that Bo Brady is far from the man he once was on the soap opera Peacock. He has now turned away from his family and refuses to acknowledge his past.

Except for her connection to her biological father, Victor Kiriakis (late John Aniston). You may remember Bo always thought Shawn Brady (Frank Parker) was his dad. But he found out as an adult that he was a Kiriakis.

For just a minute in the day days of our lives, he called himself Bo Kiriakis. But now it looks like he’s fully embracing that side of his family. And Bo seems pretty ruthless now – and could be a mismatch for Hope.

This new attitude from Bo Brady might be the biggest hurdle we have to overcome if we’re going to do this great couple again. Then again, these two haven’t seen each other yet, which could change everything.

#3 Hope is involved with Harris in Days of Our Lives

Spoilers have Hope Brady getting closer to Harris as they search for leads in Greece this week and next on the Peacock exclusive. And there are sparks flying as the two share a few kisses.

Plus, Hope has no idea her beloved arc is alive if not so mentally… Next week on Days of Our Lives, Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) finally reunites with Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans). And she’s with her big brother Bo.

Once he finds them, Patch should call Hope Brady to tell her about this amazing revelation. Currently, it looks like Hope is falling in love with Harris. But the revelation that Bo is alive should change everything.

Given that Bo Brady is intent on letting go of his past and creating a new future for himself, he might be the biggest obstacle to the Bo-Hope reunion everyone has been dying to see ever since they got together. heard that Reckell and Alfonso would return.

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