6 Big Questions After Caleb and Nicky’s Huge Reveal

Tonight’s episode of Emmerdale (Thursday, April 6) saw Caleb confront Leyla’s stalker, revealing he was nanny Nicky. It was later revealed that Nicky is Caleb’s son.

On top of that, another secret was revealed as the two entered the graveyard, with Caleb paying homage to his father – Frank Tate! The two fought their way through Home Farm to take it back from Kim’s clutches.

It’s safe to say it was a shock of a revelation. Here are six big questions we have after Caleb and Nicky’s connection was exposed to viewers.

Emmerdale Faith
Is Caleb even a Dingle? (Credit: ITV)

1. Is Faith really Caleb’s mother?

Now that Caleb’s father has been revealed to be Frank Tate, is the original story of Faith Dingle being his mother true?

Caleb has enjoyed getting to know the Dingles ever since he arrived, desperate to help Cain and Kyle as well as get to know Chas. But was it all an act?

Now we wondered if Caleb was even a Dingle(ish). Did Faith date Frank Tate and have a secret child? Could Faith still be Caleb’s mother?

According to Will Ash, Caleb may actually be a Dingle with the revelation of seeing a war break out between the Dingles and the Tates.

Will revealed: “It might be a bit of a burden for both of them as there is a foothold in both families. It’s really smart that they used this device to see just how much disruption these characters can cause. There’s always been this clash between the Tates and the Dingles, but it’s really going to escalate now! It’s really huge what Caleb and Nicky are trying to do, so there’s a lot of fireworks ready to go.

Is Nicky even in love with Gabby? (Credit: ITV)

2. Emmerdale: Does Nicky just use Gabby?

Gabby has made her feelings for Nicky very clear since she first interviewed him as Home Farm’s nanny and commented on his appearance. Nicky may have seen Gabby as an easy way to access Home Farm.

Tonight, Nicky told Caleb he had to learn not to get physically sick every time Gabby looked at him with puppy eyes. Caleb responded by telling Nicky to be nice to her. So does Nicky just use Gabby to get into Home Farm or does he just tell his dad what he thinks he wants him to hear?

Why are they so interested in Home Farm? (Credit: ITV)

3. What’s the story with Caleb’s wife?

Nicky told Gabby that his mother died when he was 15, proposing to Gabby with his mother’s ring. However, tonight, it seemed Nicky’s mother was very lively and vibrant.

After seeing Caleb and Leyla together, Nicky threatened to tell her mother that Caleb saw someone else. Caleb responded by saying he had to come to terms with Caleb and Nicky’s mother being separated. But who is Caleb’s wife and Nicky’s mother? Why did Nicky lie about her death?

Caleb and Emmerdale flirt on Emmerdale
Are Caleb’s feelings for Leyla real? (Credit: ITV)

4. Emmerdale: Does Caleb really care about Leyla?

Caleb has been spending time flirting with Leyla, with the pair having recently slept together. However, Nicky wasn’t very happy that her father was distracted and decided to stalk Leyla.

Caleb confronted Nicky and told her that getting to know Leyla was just a little fun and nothing serious. However, he said he could do whatever he wanted now that he was no longer with Nicky’s mother. But does Caleb even love Leyla? Or is she just a distraction?

Emmerdale's Nicky and Caleb stand in front of Frank Tate's gravestone
What do Caleb and Nicky want from Home Farm? (Credit: ITV)

5. What is Caleb and Nicky’s plan?

It’s clear that Caleb and Nicky want to win Home Farm back from Kim. However, although they have worked their way into Kim’s life, their plan remains unclear.

Nicky is clearly working on Gabby while Caleb gets involved in stud, but what is Caleb and Nicky’s overall plan? What is the next step ?

Jamie Tate did what even his mum couldn't (Credit: ITV)
Jamie is Caleb’s brother (Credit: ITV)

6. Emmerdale: Does Jamie Tate work with Caleb?

Viewers have long wondered if Caleb could work with Jamie Tate. Well, if Caleb’s dad is Frank Tate, that makes him Jamie Tate’s half-brother.

Let’s not forget that baby Thomas is Jamie’s son, with Caleb putting a lot of emphasis on wondering where “the kid” was tonight.

Could Nicky’s engagement to Gabby be an attempt to return baby Thomas to Jamie? Could Jamie be working with Caleb and Nicky to get revenge on Kim?

Jamie actually faked her engagement to Gabby and played her the whole time. Maybe Nicky takes some advice from Jamie and sets out to do the same thing as Gabby once again?

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Emmerdale - Caleb walks into Gabby and Nicky's kiss (March 30, 2023)

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