Real Housewives Of Orange County Alum Meghan King Is Dating Women While ‘Exploring’ Her Sexuality

Sexuality is a spectrum, and Meghan King not afraid to explore it. The Real Housewives of Orange County alum was dating, and she recently opened up about her mission to “explore” her sexuality. page 6 covered all the juicy details of his recent date with a woman. To marry Coffee Owens is so 2022. 2023 is all about exploration.

“I opened up my dating app to women. We meet and I’ve never done this before and I thought of [women]”, Megane explained in a recent interview with entertainment tonight. “Sometimes when I watch porn, I watch lesbian porn, but I never thought my desires were to be with a woman.” She continued, “I’m like, ‘What if there’s something there? What if I’m a lesbian? What if I’m bi?’ »

It is not the first time Megane has publicly questioned his sexuality. In early 2023, the mother-of-three kicked off the year with a blog post detailing her plans to “celebrate platonic and non-traditional partnerships.” It’s good for her to have followed through on her New Year’s resolution.

Megane wrote at the time: “I will explore my sexuality if I want to. And I will honor platonic, non-traditional relationships the way Western society has done a disservice by making us believe they are unimportant.

In her quest to explore her sexuality, the RHOC alum revealed that she had an “incredible” three-day date with a woman in New York. We love that she gets out there and tests the waters, but who has that kind of free time?

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Megane spilled all the tea on the date saying, “The first night the wife and I met at the Yale Club. So we tune in, we tune in to bed, I’m like, ‘This is fun or whatever.’ “

Of course, it must have been “fun or whatever” since the date lasted three whole days. But, at some point during those three scorching days, Megane realized that being with a woman didn’t tick all his boxes. She confessed that she had never been with a woman outside of a threesome and had not “identified as bi”.

Megane recalled, “So I said to this woman, ‘I like you and I hang out with you, and you’re beautiful and funny and sexy, but the thing is, I really like c—k and I can’t not be in a monogamous relationship with a woman.

It’s definitely a way to end a three-day date! Maybe they could find a nice guy to make a band? We all know there are a lot of single Bravolebrities that would be down! Anyway, whatever happens next like Megane explores her sexuality, we support her.


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