‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers: Tripp makes his pick on Wendy

days of our lives spoilers leak Tripp Johnson listen to his heart and try his luck with Wendy Shin. But their planned date is cut short by a Johnson family emergency. And she may still have underlying feelings for Johnny Di Mera. Will these two finally start a relationship?

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Tripp Johnson and Wendy Shin Kiss

DOOL Spoilers reveal that Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams) and roommate Wendy Shin (Victoria Grace) are taking their budding relationship to the next level this week.

Last summer, she caught Tripp’s attention in Hong Kong on the spin-off Beyond Salem. The computer scientist even agreed to go to the DiMera Enterprises gala with Tripp and his brother.

But she wasn’t ready to date Tripp or Joey Johnson (Tanner Stine) at the time. Then Wendy moved to Salem. And began a working and flirtatious relationship with Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman).

However, Joey could see how fond Tripp was of computer technology. He even tried to set up his brother and Wendy when she was ready to go to the movies with Johnny the Days of our lives.

But it didn’t work. However, when the doctor needed accommodation, Ms. Shin invited him to share her apartment. This week on DOOL, the doctor takes love advice from Paulina Price (Jackee Harry).

He looks at her charts after her panic attacks while she gives him dating game lessons. So the doctor decides to try his luck with his roommate.

Actually, days of our lives spoilers say that Wendy Shin and her roommate, Tripp, share a passionate kiss. Plus, she admits she can tell sparks are flying between her and Tripp. This could start a great relationship for the two on Peacock Foamer.

DOOL Spoilers: Tripp’s Family Emergency Date Postponed

days of our lives spoilers hint that Tripp Dalton Johnson and Wendy Shin decide to go on a date. The chemistry is hot between the pair. And they might want to go to town together. However, things do not go as well as expected for the young couple.

Further away, DOOL weekly spoilers point to a family emergency around the corner for the Healer. Her bonus mom will be rescued next week.

But first, her sister Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein) needs help locating Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans). Maybe Tripp and his sister need to help their father, Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols), gather some information.

Of course, her sister Stephanie could have a medical emergency herself on Days of our lives. For months, spoilers hinted at a possible pregnancy for the PR entrepreneur. Will she need her brother’s medical expertise after experiencing symptoms?

Whatever the case, DOOL spoilers report that the cute doctor and technician’s date is canceled next week. It may also be a trick played by a jealous Johnny DiMera.

He might still want to date his co-conspirator. After all, Johnny and Wendy also shared some intimate moments. Find out what’s coming soon on sudser streaming.

Days of our Lives spoilers: Does Wendy still want Johnny?

DOOL viewers wonder if Wendy Shin still has a crush on Johnny DiMera. She knows he still cares about his ex-wife Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens). But the DiMera heir claims it’s over for good between him and Chanel. However, Wendy isn’t so sure.

In fact, the computer scientist knows that Johnny almost kissed Chanel a few times. And it seems their dates are still falling too. Again, days of our lives observers wonder if Ms. Shin has any underlying feelings for her cohort.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Wendy Shin (Victoria Grace) - Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman)
Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Wendy Shin – Johnny DiMera | Peacock

But any feeling can be fleeting. Spoilers hint that Wendy is coming in on a marriage proposal. Further away, DOOL spoilers indicate that she confronts Johnny and Chanel. The computer genius could let his ex have him next week as he asks for someone else’s hand in marriage.

Watch for Tripp Johnson and Wendy Shin to get closer this week on Days of our lives. But their date for next week is canceled due to a family emergency.

And she sees her unique adventure propose. Can Tripp and Wendy continue together? Or are old feelings resurfacing that could ruin their happiness?

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