Perdita Weeks Bikini Pics: The Actress’ Swimsuit Pics

Filming of the series Magnum IP in Hawaii has been so much fun for Lost weeks! The actress has been enjoying the sunny weather and posting stunning bikini photos on social media since joining the show in 2018.

“I’ve shot in far less glamorous places in the English suburbs,” Perdita admitted in an October 2018 interview with “It’s pretty amazing. We shoot in a different location every day and we’re only on stage twice a week. So even a drive to work is fair spectacular. It is the most beautiful country.

THE Magnum IP the reboot brought fans of the original Tom Selleck-directed drama so much joy with its thrilling plots and interesting characters. Perdita portrays Juliet Higgins in the series, Thomas Magnum’s investigative partner. It is the role of a lifetime for the Lost in Austen alum, who appreciates that her character is so practical and resilient.

“I’ve done a lot of really physical roles,” she continued. “I really like it. It’s really fun. I mean I’m not properly trained in martial arts, just with my friends and family. I have a very supportive family.”

Perdita’s character has seen quite the evolution over the seasons, and fans have fallen in love with the way she works with Magnum and their banter. In the show’s fifth season, the two main characters finally reunited after years of steamy scenes, giving viewers the romance they’ve been craving.

“The rest of the season shows where it’s going, with two people who are meant for each other, but then have to navigate working together and find themselves in dangerous situations,” Perdita said. NBC in February 2023.”[Higgins is] a little tense, [and] I thought maybe she was more jealous than she is. They were very generous with her, seeing her interact with other people. It’s actually going pretty well so far, so we’ll see. It’s definitely fun.

In addition to her iconic role on the show, the British actress has also appeared in tutors, Four Seasons, great expectations and more. Perdita fans noticed her gorgeous looks on the red carpet as well as her fabulous beach style. In her spare time, the Prowl star is keen on doing quick workouts to stay fit and active.

“When I’m home in the UK I like to run cross country and do a lot of bodyweight training,” she said. Show in July 2019. “When I visit a city, I find a place to do Bikram yoga. And if I have access to a gym, well, it’s a mix of everything.

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