‘RHONJ’ Melissa Gorga Shades Luis Ruelas’ “Strange” Emotions

'RHONJ' Melissa Gorga calls Luis' emotions a "Radical" And "Odd" as Jennifer talks about Gorga "Narrative" and Teresa Shades Joe for thinking he was a "big celebrity"

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Melissa Gorga find Luis Ruelas‘brunch behavior is ‘dramatic’ and ‘strange’.

After her and her husband Joe Gorga engaged in a heated debate with Luis and his wife Therese Giudice at the beginner’s house Rachel Fouda on the last episode of The Real Housewives of New JerseyMelissa described the scene as “chaos” as Jennifer Aydin criticized her and Joe for painting a fake “narrative”.

“I didn’t know why he wanted to talk. I didn’t feel like he and I needed to have a conversation,” Melissa admitted on the March 28 episode of the RHONJ: after the show. “Maybe brother and sister do.”

Because Melissa had only known Luis for a year and two months at the time, she felt his actions, which included wanting to hold his hand and chase Teresa away when she approached, were “very dramatic.”

“It was weird,” she explained. “His drastic forms of emotion are weird. It’s something that I don’t know if I can get used to without thinking that something is really weird about it. It’s like you almost want to believe ‘Oh, he’s hurt inside’, but that doesn’t make sense if you listen to what he said earlier. He had a conversation with my nieces earlier saying we were horrible people, and then in the next breath he tells Teresa she’s wrong. Which one is it?”

Thinking back to his own interview, Marguerite Josephs described the bizarre scene as a “Dr. Phil’s moment.

“Listen, you can see Luis has had a lot of therapy. But that doesn’t make him a licensed therapist. I brush my teeth a thousand times. I’m not a fucking dentist,” she noted.

But Teresa didn’t find Luis’ antics concerning.

“I kept seeing my poor fiancé keep trying and trying and trying. It was like I felt bad for him,” she recalled. “He got angry and was actually crying. He can’t believe my brother’s behavior.

Although Melissa suspected that Luis wanted to say again that he had nothing to do with his mother not being invited to their wedding before finally extending an invitation, Rachel noted that by going to against his wife’s wishes, Luis eventually threw Teresa “under the bus”.

Speaking about the dynamic between Teresa and Joe, Melissa said, “They have a rowdy sibling” and noted that Joe had two failed engagements because Teresa “didn’t like” women.

Fully on Team Teresa, Jennifer accused the Gorgas of talking “shit” about Luis and applauded Joe’s “bad seed” complaint against him.

“Joe and Melissa want to keep the narrative that they were so awesome, they’re saints, they’re wonderful, and it’s like, why can’t you own your shit? They talk about Luis. They do,” she insisted. “He asked your permission for your sister’s hand in marriage. That’s what you call a bad seed? Do you think Luis likes it? Luis is crying. Joe Gorga is like, ‘No. I am Joe Gorga. You should have kissed me, and you didn’t now, I’m not going to make up with you.'”

And Teresa agreed.

“I think my brother wants people to kiss him because he thinks he’s a big celebrity. That’s what he thinks, Teresa suspected. “It’s like a flashback of how he was with my ex [Joe Giudice].”

But according to Margaret, Teresa should take responsibility for her role in their family feud.

“Teresa can’t be blamed for her past. It’s all somebody else’s fault,” she said. “Maybe we need to ask Dr. Phil Luis what that diagnosis is… But when you Look at everything, if you’re having trouble with everyone in your family, it might be you. I’m sorry. It might be you.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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