Daughter of Former Flower Growers Lives Vibrant Life Thanks to SM Scholarship

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Stability is the basis of a life well lived. Once basic needs are met, people have the opportunity to grow, explore various facets of life and contribute to the well-being of the community.

When young aspirants, especially those from low-income households, are given the opportunity to stand on solid ground, they easily take the risk. They use it as a nursery where they can cultivate their dreams and aspirations.

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Witness former SM scholar Jonnah Jane Sacamay, who grew up in a family where stability seemed like uncharted territory. Years ago, Jonnah’s family’s main source of income was floriculture. This forced them to walk a thin line as the demand for flowers was seasonal and they were also often affected by unpredictable weather disturbances.

But while they had walked through life with uncertainty, they had always planted the power of education in his mind.

“Since the nature of agriculture is very seasonal, our income is not stable. In addition to increasing our daily needs, we also had to ensure that my education was secure,” Jonnah recalls.

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Retain the power of education

And so, to help her family, she studied hard in elementary school as soon as she learned that others had the opportunity to pursue a college education through the SM College scholarship program. With her whole heart dedicated to learning and her eyes fixed on the SM scholarship, she graduated from high school as the class valedictorian. Once the forms were available, she immediately processed her application at the SM Store in Cebu.

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“I was informed that I had been accepted as an SM scholarship holder. From then on, a huge weight was lifted from the shoulders of my parents. I could continue my studies in the university of my choice,” he said. -she adds.

Thanks to the scholarship offered by the SM Group through the SM Foundation, she was able to focus on developing her skills and knowledge not only in accounting but especially in life. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from BS Accountancy at the University of San Carlos.

Jonnah (center) with her parents at her graduation

“The SM Fellowship helped me realize my dream of becoming a CPA, and it opened doors for me, allowing me to land a job that allowed me to support my family,” she said.

“My experience in the retail trade has allowed me to acquire vast knowledge in different fields. With this, I always ensure that my family makes informed decisions in all aspects of life. One thing that became a tradition among SM Cebu scholars in my time was to have an outreach program. In our own way, we were able to give back the help we received from SM. It was an enriching experience that we could share our blessings in our own way,” she added.

Jonnah is currently Senior Accounting Manager at SM Store, Cebu. Along with financial security, she is currently supporting her parents’ medical expenses and enabling them to have vibrant life experiences after retiring as flower growers.


Jonnah Sacamay is Senior Accounting Manager at SM Store in Cebu.

“Having a degree gave me and my family more life experience. It paved the way for me to get a stable job, which allowed me to travel, d ‘providing a good meal for my family, taking them shopping on special occasions and, most importantly, supporting my parents and their medical expenses. In addition to providing me with a scholarship, working in SM gave me and my family a sense of security,” she shared.

Open doors to more

The SM Foundation’s goal is to help create an environment where low-income families can thrive and achieve stability, much like how the SM College Scholarship Program paved the way for Jonnah and to his family.


For the 2023-2024 academic year, the application period is open from February 1 to March 31, 2023. Selected scholars can major in accounting, information technology, engineering, and education with full tuition and a monthly stipend, including enrichment programs and activities.

For more information on the SM College Scholarship Program, visit https://www.sm-foundation.org/what_we_do/college-scholarship-program.

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