Kim Richards sheds light on the return of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills amid argument between Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards

One out and one back. This is a good thing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has sisters. She should probably send them both a bouquet of fresh flowers daily to extend her tenure on the show.

Season 12 of RHOBH was a challenge for everyone, from the actors to the audience. Fans were accosted by constant lip licking and gaslighting. The ladies could barely tolerate themselves in a group and by Erika Jayne the lack of empathy for widows and orphans seemed to keep everyone in a dark mood.

Kathy Hilton was brought in to help Kyle because let’s be honest, Kyle has very little substance without siblings to boost his storyline. Over the years Kim Richard had been Kyle’s satisfied wingman but left the show to spend time with his growing family and continue his addiction recovery.

On a casting trip to Aspen, Kathy had a suspected collapse. This may or may not have involved insults and possibly spitting fire from his mouth. After Kyle took by Lisa Rinna side in the argument, Kathy and Kyle argued.

Now it appears Kathy not filming season 13 (yet) and Kyle was left blowing in the wind on its own. Instead of getting ready and being alone, my sister Kim was brought back. Now, Kim is explaining her comeback amid Kyle and Kathy’s feud.

According Page 6, Kim wanna Kathy And Kyle mend their relationship. Kyle probably wants Kim RHOBH to make it interesting. Kim said, “I think the whole thing between the sisters was difficult.” Hard, yes. Unusual, no. Indeed, since 2010, Kyle’s “thing” has been training with a sister on reality TV.

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She added: “So hopefully we can put it back together soon.” Humpty Dumpty had hope too and we all know what happened to that poor guy. Are we really subjecting viewers to another cyclical game around the Maypole with Kyle and which parent she has problems with? The family drama is great, but is there anything else we can look forward to? The Real Housewives of New Jersey called and said, “Excuse me, what’s wrong with endless sibling issues?”

Kyle was with Kim To At Sutton Stracke four-year anniversary party at the Sutton Concept store in West Hollywood. She said it was “great” to have Kim on the show.

“It feels really good” Kyle continued. “She always reminds me that I’m the little sister and she’s watching over me, so that feels really good.” Did it feel good not to defend Kim When Rina was on the show? Would Kim be welcome if Rinna hadn’t retrieved the axe?

“Obviously we’re a family and we’ve been through tough times before and we always come back together, so that’s my hope again – to get together again,” Kyle share. Do they all come together or is there one hilton/richard precondition that at least one of them has to be mad at the other for life as we know it not to end?

As for Kimshe mentioned that she was hesitant to come back to RHOBH after his extended leave. “I took that time off and I wasn’t sure I wanted to come back at all,” she said. There will be people who say it’s not in Kim’s interest to film because of her past, but it’s her decision to make.
“I think with everything that’s happened with my sisters and I’m thinking ‘I have to start dating,’ I wanted to come in and see my sister and spend some time with her,” Kim confessed.

Eventually Kim said it was a “day by day” process for her and she would deal with it as it goes. She recently became a grandmother for the third time and doesn’t “want to take too much time away from them”. Kim isn’t the only alum we’ll see this season. Bravo also called for Denise Richards And Camille Grammer. It looks like we’re also gaining a new Diamond Holder in Annemarie Wiley. Stay tuned to see who else appears in Season 13.


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