Raquel Leviss performs ‘BS’ stunt while taping ‘Vanderpump Rules’ reunion and gets cozy with Tom Sandoval

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Raquel Leviss performs ‘BS’ stunt while taping ‘Vanderpump Rules’ reunion and gets cozy with Tom Sandoval

According Scheana Shay, Raquel Leviss efforts to resolve their feud are a gimmick made solely for the purpose of Vanderpump Rules reunion shoot, and have no bearing on their ongoing legal dispute.

Tom Sandoval

According Scheana Shay lawyer, Neama Rahmani, Rachel had Andy Cohen gift Scheana with a document at the meeting, the attorney tells TMZ, “Rachel asked Andy to ‘serve’ Scheana with a document at the meeting, but the papers have no legal significance.”

Scheana Shay

However, the papers have no legal value. He explains that the documents were a plea to dismiss a complaint or a civil lawsuit, whereas Rachel had already applied for a permanent restraining order,” which is something completely different.

Raquel Leviss

From Scheana perspective, by Rachel the actions were just a performance for the cameras. Scheana legal counsel suggests that if Rachel sincerely wanted to reconcile, she would have to publicly admit that Scheana never assaulted her in New York, as she claimed in court to get the restraining order.

Lala Kent

As previously mentioned, during Thursday’s reunion taping, the two reality TV personalities were separated, with each starring in their respective trailers while the other was on set. Outside the studio, Tom Sandoval And Rachel were seen engaged in serious conversation with each other during the meeting.

Raquel Leviss

Due to the existing restraining order which Rachel against Scheana, the two had to be separated. The order was obtained by Rachelwho accused Scheana of assaulting her shortly after discovering the “Scandoval” affair.

Lala Kent

As reported, Rachel revealed details about how their romance began and if Tom Schwartz was aware of their affair.

“It started as a friendship, and it grew into something more. But I’m sure we’ll go into the details of it all at the meeting,” Rachel28, told the story to a TMZ videographer on Wednesday, March 22.

Rachel shared his thoughts on the future of his relationship with Sandovalthe owner of the TomTom club, after his separation from Ariana, 37. “I don’t know where our relationship is going to go. We’re just trying to take these next steps and try to make amends, to listen to everyone,” she explained.

“I know a lot of people are angry, so just take these steps and see where it leads… We don’t put any labels on anything,” the former SUR hostess said of her future. with Sandoval.

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