Florence Pugh Cut Her Real Hair For A Good Person’s Emotional Cut Scene


A while ago in A good person Or Florence PougThe character of him cutting his hair – and it was 100% real.

The 27-year-old actress has opened up about the pivotal moment in her new film, which is in theaters now.

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The moment comes after Allison finds herself in a bathroom and in immense grief, takes scissors for her long hair, cutting it shorter and shorter, before a pixie style is the end result .

“I thought we were going to have a custom wig,” Robert Lugohead of the film’s hair department, shared with PopSugar about the scene, admitting the real haircut wasn’t plan A.

Florence later told USA Today that the scene came from a place of authenticity: “For me, whenever I was particularly weak as a teenager, I did a lot of quick fixes. I would buy things like nail kits or scissors and go to YouTube and find out how.

“I was just looking in any direction, but the thing that made me sad,” she added.

Robert added that Florence practiced on a few wigs before taking the scissors to her real mane.

He says she “wasn’t nervous… It was supposed to be a messed up haircut, so I thought the messed up the better.”

A good persondirected by Zach Braffcenters on Allison, whose world crumbles in the blink of an eye when she survives an unimaginable tragedy, emerging from her recovery with an opioid addiction and unresolved grief.

Watch the movie trailer here!


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