Selena Gomez is the most beautiful bride in wedding dress photos

Former and current Instagram queen, Selena Gomez is a businesswoman, musician, and actress.

Currently, Hulu is critically acclaimed Only murders in the building shoot season 3.

Selena plays one of three main roles. The others are Martin Short and Steve Martin. And the show has an ever-growing list of big-name actors, from Paul Rudd to Meryl Streep.

This week, Selena shot in New York. And she looked like Perfect beautiful bride in her wedding dress.

The incomparable Selena Gomez has shared this very casual behind-the-scenes look of herself in a wedding dress from the set of Only Murders In The Building Season 3. What’s the context? Your guess is as good as ours. Well, if you watched the show, of course. (Photo credit: Instagram)

On Tuesday, March 21, Selena Gomez spent the first full day of filming for spring 2023 in New York.

The 30-year-old superstar wore a wedding dress. Lots of people spotted her and her castmates on the street, albeit without context. Clearly, they filmed part of the episode outdoors.

With so many eyes already on the production, the actors chose to share their wedding day outfits with the world on social media.

On Twitter, Steve Martin shared a photo of himself alongside the radiant and beautiful Selena Gomez. They’re behind the scenes filming Only Murders In The Building, but you’d swear he was re-enacting Father Of The Bride. (Image credit: Twitter)

“Guess what just happened! half-asked, half-invited Steve Martin on Twitter.

He posted a photo of himself alongside Selena Gomez. Him in a tuxedo. She, in a beautiful wedding dress.

Steve didn’t specify – he didn’t need to – but the whole world immediately noticed he was serving The father of the bride reality, so to speak. It is one of his most iconic roles.

Martin Short and Selena Gomez were all dressed in wedding finery (well, wedding finery in character) in this behind-the-scenes snap from Only Murders In The Building that their co-star tweeted. (Image credit: Twitter)

But he’s not Selena’s only co-lead. Martin Short also posed for a photo, showing the equivalent of his character’s wedding attire.

Steve also posted their picture, this time captioned, “Turns out that happened too.”

They all look great. Of course, Selena’s jaw-dropping beauty is virtually impossible to miss in a photo.

Gorgeous as always, Selena Gomez practically broke Instagram with this makeup-free selfie. (Photo credit: Instagram)

We can’t say for sure exactly what Mabel Mora – Selena Gomez’s character – is doing in this particular scene.

It seems unlikely whether she marries the characters of Steve or Martin. For many reasons.

Fans and viewers will have to wait and see Season 3 air on Hulu — sometime later this year, we imagine. In the meantime, the show clearly isn’t shy about keeping us guessing.

Selena Gomez has shown off a number of hairstyles over the years. Shortly before her final break, she grew nostalgic for those rich curls. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Steve, Martin and Selena all gushed about what it’s like to work together.

Selena praised the humility and kindness of the two comedic legends.

In turn, they sprung from his personality and talent. You like to see it.


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