Shadow and Bone: What are the 3 orders of the Grisha?

Netflix’s “Shadow and Bone” offers the chance to dive into a fully formed fantasy world – and like most good fantasy universes, it comes with tons of magic, plus a fair number of elaborate names to remember. From the first episode, there’s a lot to discover about the universe – and if you’re unfamiliar with Leigh Bardugo’s novels, you’ll probably be wondering about the Grisha that Alina finds herself drawn into.

Although they possess incredible abilities, the Grisha are not exactly magicians. Instead, they practice petty science, which means they are able to “manipulate matter at its most fundamental levels”. The Grisha are divided into three orders – Caporalki, Etherealki and Materialki – which are further divided into specialized groups. If you’re having trouble spotting them on the show, a good indicator is the color of kefta they wear, which signals their group. If you’re looking for a refresher before you watch the second season, which premieres March 16 – or if you’re just looking to learn more – read ahead as we break down every command and the powers the Grisha of “Shadow and Bone”.


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