‘Quantum Leap’ Recap Season 1 Episode 16: Headquarters Mole Revealed

Only two episodes left quantum leapthe inaugural season after Monday’s episode, and we finally know who the mole is.

Ben’s final jump placed him in the body of a private detective named Liam in the 1950s, who went undercover as a patient in a nightmarish mental asylum to retrieve his client’s sister, Judith. Judith refused to leave without first obtaining the confidential documents that would bring down the entire institution, which meant that Ben’s new mission focused on helping him gain access to these vital papers.

Back at headquarters, Janice snuck out to convince the team to sabotage Ben’s jump to prevent Martinez (Leaper X) from reaching his final destination (where he will attempt to kill Addison). It would leave him stuck in the past forever, but that’s been Ben’s mission ever since he made that unauthorized jump.

Magic refused to break his promise to Al to leave another jumper behind, and Addison just couldn’t believe Ben would abandon him after promising he would come back to her.

Quantum Leap Season 1In 1954, Ben’s jump was further complicated by the arrival of Martinez. Addison thought he might be an Evil Leaper, but Ian pointed out that Martinez had two chances to derail Ben’s benefactor efforts, but helped him instead.

Addison convinced Martinez to work with Ben on this mission to help Judith escape because the chances of him doing it alone were nearly impossible. And while they were successful, Martinez betrayed Ben at the last second by stabbing him in the neck and leaving him to die after he and Judith got out. “You are a threat to my greatest mission,” Martinez told Ben. “My orders were to stop you before we cross the end.”

Addison helped Ben save his own life just in time to make the next jump. This win was followed by Janice’s shocking revelation to Magic who she believed was the mole in HQ. “It’s Ziggy,” she said.

What did you think of this week quantum leap? Were you surprised by this last minute revelation? Share your reactions below!


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