Scheana Shay on If She’ll Appear at the Vanderpump Rules Meeting

Scheana Shay reveals if she'll appear at Vanderpump Rules meeting amid retraining order, talks about Raquel missing for 3 hours on wedding day amid Sandoval case

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Scheana Shay plans to attend Thursday’s taping of the Vanderpump Rules meeting in person despite Raquel Levissrestraining order against him.

On Friday’s episode of her podcast, before returning to a suspicious moment involving Raquel, Scheana admitted that while she has “nothing to say” about the decisions that will be made regarding the taping and that we hasn’t yet told her whether she’ll be featured in person or on Zoom, she “fully intends” to join her castmates for what is sure to be a series of dramatic episodes.

“I mean, as far as I know, I fully intend to be there in person,” Scheana said on the March 17 episode of Scheanigans, via Page Six. “[But] it does not depend on me. I want it to be very clear.

While Scheana couldn’t get into the restraining order itself or the legal proceedings surrounding it, she noted that she and Raquel were on good terms just days before the order was filed.

“Until we do Watch what’s happening liveher mom was texting me about how we should dress like pumpkin pie and cotton candy and wear orange and pink and make fun of the things we’ve been called on the show this season,” she recalls.

But after recording WWHLScheana and Raquel were reportedly involved in a ‘heated confrontation’ when Scheana learned of her romance with Tom Sandoval for the first time. And during the reported altercation, Raquel claimed to have had a black eye, which Scheana denied.

Although Sandoval and Raquel have yet to reveal the start of their romance, Scheana’s friend Jamie Lynne believes their affair began before Scheana’s August 2022 wedding to Brock Davies and recently noted how Raquel disappeared for hours in Mexico.

“I completely forgot that happened,” Scheana also said on her podcast, via Us Weekly. “I was busy getting ready to get married that day.”

According to Jamie, Raquel didn’t get ready with her and Scheana’s other bridesmaids on the wedding day, instead saying she needed “pool time or me time.”

“But that’s probably not what she was doing all this time. … We all had times of where to go, and if [Tom and Raquel] were trying to find a time when they could have some privacy, that would be the time because everyone had to be in your room,” Jamie said.

On Jamie’s own podcast, Jamie everywhereshe wondered why Raquel would choose their time to get ready as her “me time”.

“There were a lot of people who messaged me about things that ruffled them the wrong way at the wedding,” Scheana admitted. “Things they saw that no one thought of at the time. But now people are coming back. They separate a lot of situations and scenarios that seemed a little suspicious at the time, but we all just got rid of it and it was like, ‘No, we’re all best friends. You know, love is love.

Now that she and the Pump Rules The actors are well aware of what was going on between Raquel and Sandoval, watching the show unfold has become an interesting experience.

“It was the story that happened no matter what,” she explained. “It was really difficult to hear everything, see everything, go back and think about everything. And you will see a lot of things play out. It started a bit in this week’s episode, but I mean, every episode for the rest of the season people should be watching with a very different lens.

Also on her podcast, Scheana said that after seeing Katie struggle with her divorce midway through Season 10, she planned to apologize to her at the reunion.

“Watching Katie go through this, it struck a chord with me and made me feel like a fucking hole, because I remember what it was like,” Scheana shared, nodding at his divorce from Mike Shay. “So I really wanted it to come out because it’s something that, since I watched the episode and then rewatched it, it just doesn’t sit well with me.”

Vanderpump Rules Season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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