Check Out Hollywood’s Sober Celebrities: A List of Celebs Who Don’t Drink

Hollywood is often associated with parties and alcohol, but not all celebrities follow this lifestyle. Many famous people choose to live sober for a variety of reasons. Whether they got sober later in life, never drank alcohol, or were on a temporary hiatus, these stars have chosen a different path.

For example, a rising rapper decided to quit alcohol because he was tired of waking up with a dry throat, feeling bloated, and making bad decisions under the influence. Meanwhile, a top actor quit using mind-altering substances at the age of 19. Another celeb just doesn’t feel like drinking or trying drugs.

If you’re curious which celebrities have spoken about their sobriety, we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest names in Hollywood who have chosen to live sober.

Find out which stars are leading a sober life…

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