Road Trip’; ITV Show In Doubt – Deadline

Gino D’Acampo has announced he has quit Gordon Ramsay’s popular ITV show Gordon, Gino and Fred: road trip after a dispute over contracts.

The Italian chef said he would not film any further series of the travel show, which also stars Ramsay and Fred Sirieix, due to other commitments and “squabbles” over contracts.

Gordon, Gino and Fred: road trip is produced by Ramsay’s production company, Studio Ramsay, and has consistently performed well for UK broadcaster ITV.

In a video message on Instagram, D’Acampo told his 1.5 million followers: “Last week I decided not to film anymore. Gordon, Gino and Fred: road trip, the reason is simple, nothing to do with Gordon and Fred — the friendship is very strong… It’s just because we can’t find dates together. And when we arrange the dates together, sometimes they get changed and that causes me a lot of trouble.

He said the contracts had become “complicated” and it was time for the show to end. “I prefer [have] friendship than getting into fights over contracts, so I decided not to do Gordon, Gino and Fred anymore because I want to be friends with the boys for many years. So that’s really it, thanks for watching the show,” he said.

D’Acampo, Ramsay and Sirieix filmed a season in Spain, which has yet to air on ITV. If D’Acampo sticks to his guns, this could be the final season. ITV declined to comment.


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