PHOTO: RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga Remodels New Home After Multiple Interior Designers Examine ‘Hideous’ Home Calling It ‘A Mess’ – All About The Real Housewives

RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga teased Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers that she couldn’t wait for everyone to see the end result of her newly finished home she designed.

On a recent episode of RHONJ, Melissa even proudly told Joe Gorga that she can’t wait for him to see the amazing black fabric chandeliers she chose for the lobby.

After sharing her new home with her Instagram followers and the media, many were unimpressed with her interior design choices.

People called the chandelier hideous while interior designers went viral for describing her home as a mess. Many also criticized that its windows had no shutters and were all off-center. Others even said the outside looked like a building with windows.

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Bytpep on TikTok said: “a gingerbread house looks better on the outside than it looks” while other interior designers said “it hurts”

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The endless negative reviews seem to have reached the Gorgas because Kim D posted photos of Melissa Gorga remodeling her home yet again after announcing weeks ago that she was done.

Behind the Velvet Rope shared on Instagram that Kim D’s friend walked past the Franklin Lakes house and revealed that the Gorgas are still remodeling.

Kim D said Behind the Velvet Rope, “You don’t build a brand new house and then all of a sudden tear the facade apart?” Kim D adds that the house is not an attractive house and the roof was already leaking.

Melissa Gorga renovates the newly finished house

Are you surprised that the Gorgas decided to renovate the newly finished house?


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