Dzh shares intense single, “Practice”

New Jersey rapper-producer Dzh is back with a new single called “Practice”. The East Orange native is a dual threat on the mic and the boards, developing his own sound and style through years of hard work and experimentation. Build a thriving and dedicated fanbase through engaging projects like his 2019 debut Under that hoodie and 2020s The Durag Band And The Vita Nuova with Oklahoma Levi Hinson, Dzh has always displayed passionate and focused writing in his discography. His latest album “Practice” continues his prolific recent run, demonstrating incredible prowess on the mic with fierce flows atop a raucous left-field instrumental.

On top of a beat that kinda sounds like trap infused RZA joint, Dzh delivers boisterous verses filled with dynamic lines that blaze atop the beat’s heavy groove. It is a captivating listen, because one is surprised by the powerful energy of the track and immersed in its electrifying atmosphere. With strong chemistry between vocals and production, “Practice” showcases Dzh’s ability to create a cohesive track that takes all of its elements into account, and it makes for a strong new take on the New Jersey artist.

Be sure to listen to “Practice” HERE and connect with the New Jersey artist across all platforms while you’re at it.

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