Boruto Chapter 79: How Will the Omnipotence Jutsu Affect Kawaki and Boruto? Details inside

Boruto Chapter 79 is scheduled to release on March 19, 2023 at 12:00 PM JST, but with the raw scans and spoilers, it quickly went viral on the internet earlier in the week. The plot twist of the previous chapter has already created a frenzy among fans, with Hinata and Naruto being sealed in a different dimension by Kawaki. However, the raw scans for Chapter 79 might point to Boruto’s most important twists. The plot twist will certainly change the direction of the story which previously focused on defending Konoha from Code’s attack. Here’s everything we know.

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Boruto Chapter 79

The plot began to be hijacked from Code when Kawaki sealed Hinata and Naruto away and abandoned the mission to live with Daemon and Eida. To protect Naruto and Konoha Village, Kawaki decided to kill Boruto again but the Konoha authority could not accept this decision.

Kawaki continued with his plan to kill Boruto while Eida informed everyone of his motives as well as Naruto and Hinata’s disappearance. Everyone surrounds Kawaki but he escapes with Momoshiki’s help as he appears through Boruto’s body.

In the end, while Kawaki was talking to Eida, she showed her true godlike power called Omnipotence. Eida rewrites history with her power and overturns Boruto and Kawaki’s lives. With this change, Kawaki becomes the son of Naruto Uzumaki who grew up in Konoha. Meanwhile, Boruto becomes the alien who killed Naruto. The divine power of Eida has now changed the entire plot of Boruto.

These new Boruto twists are sure to keep fans hooked on screens until the very end with newly opened up possibilities for multiple characters and their relationships.

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