Bad Bunny Apparently References Kendall Jenner, Slams Ex Devin Booker on New Song (and Devin Might Have Answered!)

Looks like bad bunny could be hinting at her supposed romance with Kendall Jenner on his latest musical release.

The 29-year-old hitmaker teamed up with Eladio Carrion on a song called “Coco Chanel,” and there seem to be at least two references to the 27-year-old model. One of them even seems to throw shade at his most recent ex Devin Booker.

Some fans even think that diviner replied, setting the duo up for a little feud.

Read more about Bad Bunny’s seemingly sleazy line about Devin Booker and his possible response…

bad bunny performs in Spanish on the track. However, a one-line translation compares the temperature in Puerto Rico (where the musician is from) to Phoenix (where diviner plays basketball in the NBA).

“Puerto Rico’s sun is hotter than Phoenix’s,” he says on the track.

Another line on the track refers to Scorpio women being “dangerous.” Of course it is kendall‘s, which just seems to emphasize that the song is about their relationship.

The American Sun noted that diviner was aware of the supposed meaning of the song and was unimpressed by it. He reportedly took to the comments section of a post on Instagram to diss bad bunny.

“He’s worried about another MAN again,” he wrote.

diviner already untracked kendall on Instagram amid rumours.

Whether kendall And bad bunnyThe relationship rumors are new to you, they started circulating online in February. They have since been spotted hanging out.

A source revealed that kendall sees in bad bunny and another shared how the rest of his family feels about him.

Press play on “Coco Chanel” below to listen to the track…


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