Veteran reporter praises Ashley Graham for how she handled Hugh Grant’s awkward interview

“Access Hollywood” journalist Jason Kennedy supports Ashley Graham after her viral interview with Hugh Grant at the Oscars.

“Don’t worry @ashleygraham…now you see why Hugh Grant isn’t one of our favorites to interview live,” Jason tweeted. “Well done to circumvent his nonsense.”

Ashley chatted with the ‘Notting Hill’ star for ABC’s ‘On the Red Carpet Live’ on Sunday, but things quickly got awkward as the actor seemed disinterested in the chat and the show herself.

During the interview, Hugh told Ashley that he wasn’t encouraging anyone in particular. said he wore “just my costume” but did not name the designer; and said he had “almost” enjoyed himself during his “three seconds” in the movie “Glass Onion”.

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It seems not everyone was sympathetic to Ashley.

“As a pro maybe Ashley could have kept her interview history in mind and been more strategic if she wanted to interview him so badly,” one person tweeted. They added, “Wasn’t there a lot of other people to talk to.”

Jason immediately chimed in, noting that red carpets are chaotic and interviews are often arranged in advance.

“It’s not,” Jason reacted to the claim that other celebrities were available to speak. “It’s pre-produced for a show like that, not its appeal.”

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In media circles, Hugh is known to be difficult to interview and he is aware of his reputation. He recently admitted to getting grumpy while filming “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.”

“I lost my temper with a woman in my eye line on day one,” he told Total Film magazine. “I assumed it was a studio executive who should have known better. Then it turns out that an extremely nice local woman was the girl’s chaperone.”

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After the Oscars interview, ‘Good Morning Britain’ host Susanna Reid said she had struggled with Hugh before.

“I’ve been there on the red carpet and the problem of course is if you’re the reporter it’s knowing exactly who is coming to you. It’s also a problem if the person you’re interviewing doesn’t have especially want to give you an interview,” she said. “Save a thought for ABC’s Ashley Graham. She saw Hugh Grant, who is famous for sometimes being a bit short with his words.

For her part, Ashley reacted to the now-notorious interview in a brief chat with TMZ. Her goal, she says, is to “kill people with kindness.”


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