Caroline Manzo Confirms Melissa Gorga’s Alleged RHONJ Diss

Caroline Manzo speaks out after Melissa denies calling her a

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Caroline Manzo spoke after Melissa Gorga denied Jacqueline Lauritaclaims she called Caroline too “old and boring” to The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

In a previous post, Melissa was adamant that she had never made such a comment, and she indicated that she only had love for Caroline. Caroline, however, just shared that Jacqueline was telling the truth.

“She said it. I remember when she said it. And I don’t blame him,” Caroline said in an interview with Hollywood Life.

Caroline claimed her former co-star didn’t say that to her face, even though Caroline “heard it.”

“Even back then, Melissa was what, 42? I am 61 years old. I understand,” she said. “Okay. At the time, I was 50. And she was 30. So this comes from the mind of a 30-year-old kid. So how could I be mad about that?”

“You always have to know where it comes from. At the time, I understood it, and now I understand it,” she continued. “So, yeah, she said it, and yeah, I don’t care, because I get it.”

Meanwhile, Melissa put an end to her strange chandeliers at her new mansion, which reminded fans of the soul-eating “dementors” of the Harry Potter series.

In an Instagram video, Melissa highlighted her foyer’s new light fixture, which contains dozens of vertical and rectangular LED pendant lights.

According to Avenue Lighting, the pendant lights are “cascading bubbles encapsulated in K9 crystals.”

“Sometimes you have to live in the house for a minute to decide what’s perfect,” the star wrote. “I love playing with interior design – I always ✨Waking up to this beauty is so much better✨😍,” she added, possibly alluding to her previous controversial chandelier.

Below are the photos of the old chandelier that was smashed by fans.

RHONJ Melissa Gorga New Home Foyer Lamps

RHONJ Melissa Gorga New Home Two-Tier Fire Pit

“Thank you for considering the comments from us viewers. The original chandelier was hideous,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“Beautiful!!! Better than black ❤️,” another follower wrote.

“I just know you watched this tik tok because you changed the chandelier and tagged your designer,” another viewer theorized.

Still, some fans were unhappy as one follower said the new decor looked like a “hotel lobby”.

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