Vanessa Hudgens’ cocktail company celebrates Women’s History Month

Let’s hear it for the girls! Vanessa Hudgens, Rosario Dawson And Ashley Benson celebrate Women’s History Month in style — with a cocktail specially dedicated to their friendship.

The trio – who are real pals and co-founders of the insanely dignified high-end craft cocktail company Thomas Ashbourne – came together to design the ‘Margalicious Margarita’, a drink that holds special meaning for their bond of long time.

“They intended to create a margarita specifically because whenever they’re together, it’s the drink they always have on hand, whether for sad or happy times,” CEO and Co-Founder Cara Kamenev tells exclusively We Weeklyy. “The way they lift is contagious and that’s why they are such great partners.”

Raising the bar in the world of ready-to-sip craft cocktails, Thomas Ashbourne is “driven by the love of a good time”, according to the official website. The company prides itself on offering premium creations with rich flavors using all-natural kosher ingredients.

BFFs Hudgens, 34, Dawson, 43, and Benson, 33, launched their delicious ‘Margalicious Margarita’ at last year’s launch party, which was attended by various Bold Hollywood A-listers, including the new mom Paris Hilton.

THE musical high school star and pretty Little Liars alum even donned matching all-black looks for the September 2022 party, which was held on Wall St. in New York City. The girls served the refreshing spirits in all their forms that night – poured straight, over dry ice and frozen.

“My friends are everything to me. They are my core team,” Hudgens, who recently got engaged to Cole Tuckersaid AOL in May 2022 of the importance of female friendship in his life. “These women are women that I deeply admire because of their work and the way they present themselves to the world, but also for who they are as women in general. They are such amazing people and I am so grateful to be able to take this journey with them.

While there is no lack of celebrity-backed cocktail parties, the three actresses said their close bond puts them on a different level.

“I think it’s so special and something is really important to share with people,” Dawson told the outlet. “Like we’ve been so isolated and cut off from each other to really represent what it means to come together again and to be able to really have fun and make that quality time and those memories together.”


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