Greg Davies Shares His Favorite Moment On ‘The Cleaner’ Series 2 TV Set

Greg Davies had fun ‘throwing water on Zoë Wanamaker’ on the set of ‘The Cleaner’

TV host, comedian and writer Greg Davies enjoyed “throwing a bucket of water in Zoë Wanamaker’s face” while directing the new series of “The Cleaner.”

The ‘Taskmaster’ host admitted he might look ‘bad’ because he had so much joy showering the 73-year-old former ‘My Family’ star, but felt better because she l had taken so well while they worked together on the new season of the BBC One Show, which follows his character as crime scene cleaner Paul ‘Wicky’ Winstead.

The 54-year-old comic told the press: “I’m sure it gives me a really bad image on so many levels that throwing a bucket of water in Zoë Wanamaker’s face is right there.” ‘care about it.’

The Cleaner season 2 sees Greg Davies return as Wicky, Britain’s favorite crime scene cleaner. Greg – will return to screens on March 24 in the sitcom after it first aired in 2021 – added that he “enjoyed” laughing with other famous faces on set, including Asim Chaudhry, Dame Harriet Walter and Simon Callow.

Series 2 guest stars are: Zoë Wanamaker, Asim Chaudhry, Harriet Walter, Simon Callow, John MacMillan, Alex Lawther, Susannah Fielding, Roisin Conaty, Mark Lewis Jones, Rudi Dharmalingam, Joshua McCord, Louis Emerick, Amy Morgan, Charlie Rawes, Jemma Carlton, Shakin’ Stevens, Rebecca Lee and Cassius Thompson.

He said: ‘I enjoyed making Asim Chaudhry wear a greasy wig and chasing me with a gun, fighting John Macmillan’s clown, asking Simon Callow to quote me poetry and being pinned to the ground by a giant man while Dame Harriet Walter watched on.

“And I enjoyed talking to Alex Lawther via fox and friend Roisin Conaty attempting to assassinate me while having my faith challenged by Mark Lewis Jones.”

When it was announced that “The Cleaner”, based on a German comedy, would return for a follow-up season, Greg said he was “thrilled”.

He added: “I’m so delighted that Wicky is back for another round of cleanups and delighted that he’s doing it on BBC One.

“This season’s cast is brilliant and the fact that there are so many distinguished actors among them leads me to believe that the BBC has secrets they are using as leverage.

“I, the writing and production teams are very grateful for this support.”

The cleaner airs Friday, March 24 at 9:30 p.m.


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