Vandepump Rules Alum Kristen Doute Slams Raquel Leviss; says she didn’t “really fit in with the group”

I would like to start by saying Kristen Doubted entered the chat. But the Vanderpump Rules alum practically started the chat when Scandoval broke. Kristen was the first to post a photo with Ariana Madix after discovering her boyfriend by Tom Sandoval shocking infidelity with Raquel Leviss.

People reported that Kristen had some thoughts to share about Rachel and the VRP band. She appeared in an “emergency” episode of Scheana Shay Scheanigans podcast. Said Kristen of Raquel, “I always thought that she and james [Kennedy] are at exactly the same level of opportunism.

She added, “I had to remember that she was a fan of the show before going on the show. And it’s not that that makes everyone that way, but like, she never really fit in organically with the group at all.

Kristenwho had long-term relationships with both Sandy And jamesrecently decided to accept Rachel. “I chose — what was it, maybe a year ago — to stop hating Raquel or, like, hating her,” Kristen noted.

The author and podcast host said her first real conversation with Rachel was during At Lala Kent’s first birthday party for her daughter Ocean Kent Emmett. Kristen recalled, “That day at Ocean’s birthday party was like the smartest and most well-spoken and put together I’ve ever heard her be, barely blinking and just opening her mouth. “

Kristen went on to think, “Just like those weird stupid looks where I’m at, Why are you looking at me like that ? As, What? Is your brain catching up? Like, I’m confused.” Mdr. I think we were all confused by Rakedl at some point.

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Lalawho was also present for the episode, wondered if Rachel “had an actual conversation with someone without a short?” I guess that’s probably not the case. Then again, I guess Raquel stopped shorting enough to fall in love Sandy for the last 7 months.

While the news of at Sandy’s betrayal is still fresh, Andy Cohen immediately deployed cameras to capture the drama. The case will be presented in the current season of VRP, which is airing now. Also, the VPR meeting should be filmed in just two short weeks.

Aside from the unprecedented tension, there is also a tiny bit of a problem with the long-awaited reunion. by Rachel protective order against Scheana after accusing her of “physical assault”. Scheana allegedly punched Raquel once she heard the news. The incident allegedly happened right after he appeared with her on an episode of Watch what’s happening live.

Rachel produces images of his eye. One photo featured a bandage over it and the others showed a small gash on the eyebrow area. Scheana vehemently denied hitting Raquel, saying her claims were “a fabrication”.

But Lala believe that additional security measures will be taken. “Security will definitely be tightened at the meeting,” she noted.

Scheana joked: “We need to have cages. Everyone needs their own personal bodyguards. But the VRP The OG cast member probably wasn’t laughing the next day. Rachel dropped off the order just a day after Scheana recorded the podcast.

Rachela former beauty queen, is today known as one of the greatest VRP villains of all time. In a cast full of bad guys. So that’s saying a lot.

A little after Scandal broken, Rachel said People“Apart from the indefensible circumstances surrounding our relationship, my feelings for To M have always been sincere and born of a loving friendship. Knowing how many people we’ve hurt, I need to understand my choices and learn how to make better ones. A statement which she also echoed in a post on her Instagram account.

In addition to being public enemy number one, Rachel always tries to keep sexually explicit video secret. It’s the same video as Ariana would have found out who exposed the whole affair.

For the sake of confidentiality, Rachel sent legal notices to his castmates, including Ariana And Sandy, with a warning not to share the video. A source said People that Ariana allegedly recorded the video on the screen and sent it to herself. His reasoning for doing so isn’t clear, but his need for proof isn’t exactly surprising.

The notice, sent by by Rachel lawyer, claimed the video was recorded “illegally” and “without Raquel’s permission.” His attorney also advised anyone with the recording to remove it from any “method in which the recording may exist”.

Naturally, no one on the podcast indicated whether they had seen or were in possession of the video.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]


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