Bar Smith to David Eason: Insult my daughter again and I’ll kick your ass!

If you know anything about David Eason, no aspect of this story will surprise you.

He’s an unemployed loser who likes to hurl insults at successful people, but cowers in fear whenever things get a little too real.

It’s a pattern he’s been following for about a decade without suffering any major physical consequences.

(Eason allegedly assaulted his wife, Jenelle Evans, on several occasions, breaking his collarbone on one occasion, but we don’t know of any instances in which he clashed with another man.)

That may soon change, however, as David received a challenge from his very angry father.

As usual, Eason turned around and ran away, even going so far as to delete his Twitter account.

But something tells us Bar Smith’s justified fury won’t subside anytime soon, which is bad news for David.

Here is the story…

Basically David joined twitter over the weekend and for some reason he decided to kick things off by insulting the daughter of teen mom stars Ashley Jones and Bar Smith.

As you can see, Ashley’s tweet made no mention of David or anyone in his family, and was instead a self-deprecating compliment to her daughter, who she says will be “10x better, 10x intelligent, 10 times more beautiful”.

David saw this sign of a well-adjusted adult and a functioning family, and sure enough, it made him mad with jealous rage.

He replied with a picture of Rocky Dennis from the movie Maskand Bar proceeded to roast David to within an inch of his life.

Ashley Jones and Bar Smith: secretly married!  (And already on the verge of divorce?)
Ashley and Bar have become fan favorites on MTV. (Photo via Instagram)

“You dusty, dusty STD chewing slut, wicked tub wife of gooey ass needs to suck and maybe you’ll be happy,” Bar wrote to David, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“You prostitute loving p–sy. I can’t wait for the day I catch you out of “land” David. You are only hard on your property,” he continued.

“I called your bitch cause I’ve been asking to fight the camera 1 on 1 for years and you always say shit to women.

“Jenelle must be ready to leave your dirty ass again, you have no children and your wife hates you, I would be crazy to[o]all you have is an internet and this shitty farm.

David Eason Shares Alarming Video: Will He Kill This Dog Too?!
David Eason wears an ironic MTV shirt. (Photo via Instagram)

Needless to say, Bar is an absolute king.

And he wasn’t even close to being finished!

“The fact that you think you might say something to my wife, about my child, I will literally meet you wherever David…. Any day…. Any time…. Off your turf so that you can’t tell the police that I came to your property… you’re not cut like that, p–sy,” Smith continued.

“You kill dogs but you won’t fight a woman who really cut like that. You want to go after your wife friends who come to help her leave you…”

Bar Smith recently got into serious legal trouble. (Photo via Instagram)

Bar went on to say that he wouldn’t talk about David’s kids until — well, talk about David’s kids.

“I would tell you @ravindavidd about the kids, but I’m not talking about the kids, but I understand the level of inbreeding seems high,” Bar wrote.

“That nigga beat Jenelle like it’s a weekend sport bruh, he ain’t allowed to say shit about nothing,” he continued, before hinting at the fact that David is not allowed to see his only son, Caden:

“I’m gonna finish getting MY DAUGHTER FOR SCHOOL, and give her breakfast then drop her off….. something that bum ass n**ga @ravindavidd can’t do BECAUSE HE HAS NO HIS KIDS .”

David Eason cries
Strange things are happening in the fetid swamp that Jenelle Evans and David Eason call home. And it seems recent events have brought David to tears.

Typically, David avoided Bar’s challenge to a fight and called Smith gay.

“I just talked about all the things you love and told you I’d beat your ass and this answer yo? Can’t you take a joke? Don’t bitch now,” Bar replied.

“And you jump right into gay jokes, just like a man who’s not comfortable with his sexuality talks about taking drugs.”

It was then that Ashley posted the doctored photo above – the original is from David’s OnlyFans page – and Eason deleted his account.

To his credit, at least the guy knows when he was beaten.

Frankly, we find it hard to think of a time when any the public figure has been so deeply humiliated on social media.

Admittedly, these are dark times on The Land.


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