Florida stripper arrested after throwing wad of cash at ex’s head

An angry Florida The stripper was arrested last month after allegedly throwing a ‘coiled up large sum of cash’ at a co-worker’s head, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the smoking gun.

Tierah Miller29, is accused of assaulting the 34-year-old, who she previously dated and who also works as a security guard at the Baby Dolls strip club in Clearwater.

Stripper ‘assaults’ co-worker/ex-boyfriend with giant wad of cash, criminal complaint

The incident allegedly happened inside the club around 11.55am on February 26, just a week after the couple separated, according to the complaint.

Miller, who appeared sober at the time, allegedly threw a ‘large’ wad of cash at the man after he ‘tried to cross the stage to talk to another colleague’, punching him in the back of the head.

On her way out of the club, she deliberately knocked over a stool with the victim’s cellphone, an ID scanner and a metal detector, according to the complaint.

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Her ex-boyfriend said when he found her cellphone in the parking lot, it was broken, with an estimated cost to repair the screen of $100, the complaint continues.

Stripper charged with misdemeanor battery, victim virtually unharmed

The complaint says she was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.

Meanwhile, the attack did not draw blood and the man did not suffer any serious injuries.

The exact amount of money thrown at the victim remains unclear, but the outlet reported that “only one (dollar bills) appears to be a likely component.”

Miller was released from jail without bond and ordered to refrain from contact with her ex, but was allowed to continue dancing at the club that employs them both.

She has previously been convicted of reckless driving, possession of marijuana and driving without a license, according to the Smoking Gun.


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