Hoda Kotb is back on the set of TODAY after her 3-year-old daughter Hope spent several nights in hospital last month. The award-winning journalist shared her experience with co-host Savannah Guthrie and viewers on Monday (March 6).

“My youngest, Hope, was in intensive care and then in the hospital for just over a week,” Kotb revealed. “I’m so grateful she’s home,” the famous mom shared. “She’s back home,” Hoda continued. “I’ve been waiting for that day to come, and we’re watching her closely.”

Hope is one of two children Hoda Kotb shares with her ex, Joel Schiffman. She recently spoke to the press about the harmony she shares with her former partner despite their decision to end the relationship.

“Sometimes relationships evolve. Sometimes perfectly nice people can break up. Sometimes a relationship ends on your last breath, and sometimes it ends before that, and that’s okay,” Kotb told reporters.

“I don’t regret a day, not a minute, not a second of our time together because it brought me here,” the journalist said of her relationship with her ex. “I have two amazing kids that I share with him,” Hoda added. “And it’s thanks to Joel that I have Haley and Hope, no doubt.” I think I might have been too scared to do it alone. It’s not something I like to admit, but it’s true.

Hoda’s gratitude was on full display as she spoke of her youngest daughter’s recovery on TODAY.

“When your child is sick, the amount of gratitude you can have for the people who helped you,” Kotb said. “So grateful to the doctors at Weill Cornell who were amazing and the nurses,” the famous mom continued. “And I’m grateful to my family and I’m grateful to friends like you who were there every day,” Hoda told Savannah. “So I want to thank you for that. I like you.”

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