‘Batman/Superman: World’s Best Vol. 1: The Devil Nezha’ HC (critical)

This book is basically Batman teaming up with Superman.

Honestly, that’s all I needed to get me bought. Luckily, the story is pretty cool too. It starts in the past, where we see Superman take on Metallo again. Yet, at the end of this fight, something different happens.

Metallo unleashes a chemical attack on Superman in Red Kryptonite.

This causes Superman’s powers to go completely out of whack. Clark tries his best to subdue them, but he fails.

So he decides to do the only thing he can think of. He turns to Bruce Wayne aka Batman to help him out of this impasse.

Being his best friend, Bruce of course agrees to help, as does the Doom Patrol. This leads Batman and Superman to the legend of Devil’s Nezha. This demon then begins to cause real havoc in the lives of these two superheroes and some of the people they associate with. Supergirl, Robin, and Green Lantern all show up to help in the fight against the demon.

Much of this story is pretty awesome and sometimes scary. There’s a moment when the demon appears in the cave with Alfred which is particularly scary and well done. The heroes must find a way to contain the demon. Can they do it before the end of the world?

Waid keeps the stakes high and the story gripping. He has a great command of every character that appears. Artist Dan Mora does his best work here. The action is smooth and the compositions on each page are incredibly strong. Everything is well paced and keeps the reader in suspense. I also like that the creative team just told a good story involving these characters and didn’t try to do anything else, like a deconstruction or whatever, with it.



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