Gizelle Bryant and Ashley Darby set up Chris Bassett to deflect Juan Dixon cheating scandal

Robyn Dixon was recently grilled by Watch what’s happening live host, Andy Cohenabout why she stopped talking about her husband, by Juan Dixon relationship with another woman during the filming of the The Real Housewives of the Potomac. Fans called on the network to pull Robyne for covering up the scandal, but she’s not the only RHOP cast member viewers want to see on Bravo’s chopping block.

Gizelle Bryant and Ashley Darby

Many fans accuse Gizelle Bryant And Ashley Darby to shed light on their supposed problems with Chris Bassett, to divert attention from the drama of infidelity that shook Robyne And Juan’s commitment.

Both Gizelle And Ashley accused by Candice husband of inappropriate behavior – but Chris vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

Chris castigated the two women after the news of Juan’s betrayal broke, accusing Gizelle And Ashley to lie about her to distract from the off-camera cheating scandal. It seems like a lot of fans are in chris’ corner.

Viewers know that a woman produced a receipt proving that John had paid for a hotel room after the couple virtually went online during the pandemic. Robyne insisted the payment did not incriminate her then-fiancé, during his WWHL appearance.

“When I found out about it, it seemed like BS to me but he was very…I believe him. And also based on what she revealed last week, I believe him,” the star said on Sunday. Cheer.

Candice and Chris Bassett

While Gizelle And Ashley have remained in the background since Robyne came clean – fans aren’t letting the Bravo duo off the hook.

Some have pointed out that Real Housewives of Atlanta alum, Phaedra Parks, was removed from the cast for spreading salacious rumors about a co-star, comparing her actions to Gizelle And at Ashley’s light charges against Chris.

One person tweeted – “Different cast. Same energy. Phaedra was fired for spreading drugs and raping Kandi. Gisele & Robyne repeatedly got away with lying about everyone’s husbands, making them feel bad or doing something sexual. Fire Robyne & Gisele.

Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon

Another wrote – “Kenya was fired for not sharing parts of her life with viewers and she made a greater contribution to #RHOA that Juan’s tenant. Phaedrus was fired for spreading salacious lies about another castmate. Gizelle and Robyne must face the consequences of their actions.

A third added – “All storylines from seasons 6 and 7 with Candiace & Wendy were made by Gizelle & Ashley cover up what was going on with Robyne. SO Robyne had the nerve to make people pay for the story that BRAVO pays her for. Robyne should be fired/demoted.

Gizelle Bryant

One fan pointed out – “Gizelle & Ashley knew about these very real rumors and yet they would still make up bullshit about Chris. what if Candiace answer them why don’t you talk about RobyneIt is rumors? Robyne could have easily told them to stop because she knows what it is. Robyne is not a friend.

Another chimed in – “just to be clear…..Gizelle and Ashely KNEW about this BEFORE the season……didn’t talk about it…he’s your cool friend…but chose to LIE as a distraction????? i’m so mad at cock…but the others are rubbish for that.

One viewer tweeted – “This is crazy… Gizelle & Ashley dead painted Chris like a creep to divert attention from Robyne And John situation…”

Gizelle Bryant

Another person said – “So Gizelle, Ashley And Robyne I knew that John cheated in S6 same. They pushed Eddie’s rumors and made sure they made it to the camera. In S7 they pushed the Chris rumors to cover it up again. Aren’t consequences on reality TV shows for such behavior @Andy?”

A third wrote: “The Chris regime, the isolation of WendySending in progress charrisse pursue Karine with stale cheating rumors a whole scheme to cover up At Robyn’s shit she now admits SMFH, Gizelle, Ashley, And charrisse ruin the show with all these BS producing ghosts.

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