‘Sister Wives’: Christine Gushes Over a New Man – Get Ready to Meet Him

sister wives star Christine Brown found what she was looking for, she reveals today in her own online confession. This TLC celeb is grinning from ear to ear as her new beau has everything she wanted in a man.

But most importantly, this guy is in love with her and her alone. Plus, he’s great with his young daughter still at home, really brown.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown says get ready to meet her man soon

Christine Brown is tickled by her journey these days. What started as a solo journey, now sounds like a duo. While fans describe Christine as more beautiful than ever, she comes across as a smitten teenager describing her newfound love.

She wants it all sister wives fans to see photos and hear all the details about her new guy. But for now, she wants to keep it to herself.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

It goes without saying that Christine Brown must prepare her new love for the sister wives fame he is about to leap into. But when she’s ready, we’ll see photos and get the full scoop from Christine herself.

Christine sets priorities

From what Christine says so far, this man seems to be the opposite of Kody Brown. For one thing, her affection is unrequited because she has it all to herself.

Another check at the top of his list is that this man is good with Truely. And it looks like Truely adores this new man. Christine is a mother first and foremost. Therefore the sister wives fans say they expect nothing less from Christine.

They knew that any man Christine Brown projects as a partner in life should be good with her children. Especially her 12-year-old daughter Truely, the last child at home.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown was wrong

Kody Brown predicted that any guy who was considering dating Christine would probably watch the sister wives to show. He thought they would do this for insight and would be discouraged by his ex-wife’s behaviors. Christine may have deleted the original video, but you can see an archive version below.


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Yes, he predicted after seeing how this woman acted on the show, that it would definitely drive away any boyfriend in prospect. He also believed that if a suitor witnessed the way she treated him, it would end a future relationship.

He believed the waiting suitor would see Kody as a good guy. So if he saw his ex-wife treat a good guy (Kody) like she did, that would be a problem. That’s because any new guy would realize that’s how she’ll treat him too.

So Kody predicted that his ex-wife Christine couldn’t find a half-decent guy because of the way she treated him on sister wives.

He thought it would be a real turning point for potential romantic interests. Boy, she proved him wrong. Watch Christine explain her new path in life in the video above.

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