Leah McSweeney is ‘lucky’ to have been able to ‘pass out’ with the Real Housewives of New York legends Dorinda Medley, Luann De Lesseps and Ramona Singer

It is easy to point fingers at several reasons why RHONY took this long pause. The COVID-19 pandemic. by Ramona Singer long list of offensive remarks. Some fans claimed that Eboni K. Williams And Horrible would have “ruined” the show. The truth is that several factors contributed to RHONY’s downfall. All I know is that I’m glad to be able to relive the good old days of the show without commercials on Peacock.

THE RHONY the ladies know we miss them. That’s why whenever past apple holders cross paths, they tend to share it on Instagram to warm that cold place in our hearts. The same thing happened recently when Ramona, Luann De LessepsAnd Dorinda Medley gathered for lunch and shared an iconic photo of kiki. According Page 6, Leah chimed in with a truly hilarious statement reminiscent of her tiki torch throwing days.

In a since-deleted comment captured by Magazine Interview, Horrible expressed his gratitude for spending time with the legends of the series. Well, sort of. Bravo comments on Instagram shared a screenshot.

“The fact that I could pass out with them. I am blessed,” Leah wrote alongside a heart emoji. Of course, Leah has been proudly sober and open about her mental health issues. But it’s funny that she thinks back to her crazy season of drinking and throwing dumplings at the Ramona Coaster with tenderness, however disastrous it may be.

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people give Horrible a lot of hate for not living up to their expectations of what they thought At Bethenny Frankel’s replacement should be. I don’t think that’s enough to justify defaming her for “destroying” the show. Now it looks like she RHONY the days are definitely over. She will have one last chance at redemption on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Tripso her reality TV career is up in the air.

The trio’s lunch in itself is worth investigating. It is surprising to see that after years of bickering, ramona And dorinda made peace with each other. Where Horrible praises everything about his pseudo-mother Ramona. sonja morgan also made affectionate comments on the Instagram photo to show that she is still friends with the girls. She also clarified in her comments that she only missed lunch because she was traveling, not because she wasn’t invited. She would have done better. Did I mention how our RHONY girls? report them, Andy Cohen. I don’t care what it takes.


[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]


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