Meri Brown spotted with Janelle and Kody’s sons amid Sister Wives star’s child abuse allegations

Meri Brown November 2022 IG selfie
Meri’s critics assume she had an ulterior motive for sharing a photo of herself with Janelle’s sons. Photo credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Sister Wives star Meri Brown pays no attention to the allegations surrounding her.

As Monsters and Critics reported, a few of Kody Brown’s youngsters have come forward, accusing Meri of child abuse.

Among those who spoke out are Kody and Christine’s biological children, Paedon and Mykelti, as well as their sister, Gwendlyn.

Paedon was the first to accuse Meri of abuse, insinuating that Meri was physically with several children from the Brown family. Mykelti also weighed in, noting that she will under no circumstances embody Meri in her life as a result of her previous abusive conduct. Gwendlyn acknowledged Meri’s abuse but felt she deserved a second chance.

Amid the allegations surrounding her, Sister Wives star Meri Brown took a photo with two of her ex-sister’s sons.

Meri was in Las Vegas not too long ago and met Kody and Janelle’s natural sons, Logan and Hunter. She shared the snap on Instagram early Wednesday morning.

Meri Brown snaps photo with sons Janelle and Kody in Vegas go to

The trio posed for an outside snap, which Meri captioned, “When in Vegas, it just makes sense to look for a few good guys to spend a few hours with! 😁 So good to catch up with these two, and thrilled with the big males they have become!”

Meri’s post was met with over 36,000 likes, and many of her 825,000 Instagram followers participated in the comments section. Many of them had been thrilled to see Meri posing with Janelle’s sons amid all the damaging information surrounding her today.

Photo credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Nonetheless, a few of Meri’s critics felt that her image was being used to deal with prejudice amid her accusations of child abuse.

Sister Wives critics accuse Meri Brown of posting photo as damage management

One of Meri’s critics called the sharing a “photo op” and accused Meri of paying Logan and Hunter to pose in the photo with her.

“Is this an outdated photo[?]“, asked another reviewer, adding that “his publicist said he was in the market because his status was tarnished by the “Brownies”.

“Happening an apology tour I see,” wrote another reviewer, who felt like Meri had an ulterior motive for her post.

Photo credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

As abuse rumors swirl around her, Meri has remained tight-lipped about the allegations. However, she did hint at several events that she has her own tea to spill, likely related to her last breakup with Kody and the abuse charges against her.

In the meantime, she has remained active on social media, still recording her weekly Fridays with related films and touring. Meri is preparing for her next venture, her second real-life retreat, hosted at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, her B&B in Parowan, Utah, later this month.

Amid the negativity surrounding her, Meri confirmed that she is not bothered by it, remaining focused on her profession and spending time with family and friends.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.


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