Uber reacts to a driver who tries to rape a rider (video)

Uber says he is cooperating with police after a viral video apparently shows a driver attempting to sexually assault a horsewoman. In the short clip, where a man confronts the half-dressed driver in the backseat, the passenger appears unconscious.

On Tuesday April 11, the carpooling company reacted to the video. Shared by Inane Reality Leaks, it has over 16.8 million views and over 8,000 retweets on Twitter. However, it is not known when the incident occurred.

“This video is horrible and we are taking action. We have banned the driver and are in contact with the police and will assist them in any investigation,” Uber Support tweeted.

In the video, the driver, dressed in a black shirt and light colored pants, was sitting in the backseat with his pants down when a man approached the car, filming with the flash on.

When the driver noticed the person filming, he jumped out of the backseat, pulled up his pants, and climbed into the front seat. The person filming repeatedly asks the driver: “What are you doing? »

A camera pan showed a blond-haired woman slumped on her side against the seat. Meanwhile, the blue vehicle displayed a large white Uber sign on the driver’s door.

Although the driver withdrew with the passenger, the person recording was able to record the license plate number.

It is not known in which country the incident took place, but the driver’s steering wheel was on the right side – an unusual site in the United States.

Although Uber support claimed to have banned the driver, no further details are known about him. At present, it is also unclear whether the authorities plan to press charges.

The identity of the woman remains unknown.


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