“Life after confinement”: Shawn Osborne plays the victim card?

Life after lockdown star Shawn Osborne knows he has the upper hand over his recent marital problems with his wife Sarah Isaac.

He says he knows she feels guilty sneaking behind his back to find her ex Anthony. Even though she swears nothing happened between them, he’ll get away with it and play the victim card for as long as possible.

Life after lockdown: Sara Isaac’s guilt gives Shawn Osborne leverage

Sara knows she made it Life after lockdown wrong husband. She says she should have handled things differently with Anthony and their daughter Abigail.

She also acknowledges that she should have spoken to Shawn first. However, WEtv viewers think Shawn is going too far with the pity party he keeps throwing.

Shawn Osborne - Sara Isaac
Shawn Osborne – Sara Isaac | WEtv

Shawn Osborne knows for the first time in a long time that he has the upper hand in a relationship. Sara Isaac felt guilty for going behind her husband’s back.

She made it worse when she asked Abigail to lie and keep secrets as well. She has repeatedly apologized to him, but he refuses to give up and move on.

He knows he has a good thing going right now. He has his wife where he wants her. So, Shawn isn’t ready to stop playing the hurt husband and let his wife off the hook, at least not for a while.

WEtv’s husband lambasted by fans

Life after lockdown fans are unhappy with Shawn Osborne’s attitude. They believe that after all the lies and missteps he’s made, he has no place to play the victim card with Sara.

Viewers think he knows he could lose Sara at any moment. He hasn’t been an ideal husband or father so far. He also knows that his wife still has unresolved feelings for her ex Anthony.

Life after lockdown: Shawn Osborne
Life after lockdown: Shawn Osborne
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fans of Life after lockdown call out Shawn on his petty behavior. They say he better stop playing the hurt victim and move on before she gets tired of apologizing.

Osborne’s hands are far from clean. He’s done a lot of shady stuff himself. Viewers add that he has a lot of nerve and if he’s smart he’ll “let it go”.

Sara’s ex-boyfriend Anthony has made his intentions clear. He wants her back. He thinks that if he had the right opportunity, he could easily persuade her to leave Shawn for him.

Life after confinement: will Shawn’s attitude push Sara into the arms of her ex?

Sarah Isaac from Life after lockdown admits the relationship she and Anthony shared was passionate and exciting. Two of the things she says are missing from her marriage. If he continues to ignore Sara’s needs in this marriage, he could end up losing Sara.

Life after lockdown: Sara Isaac
sarah isaac | WEtv

Viewers believe that the bond between the spouses is not strong enough to bear this kind of problem so early. Many say they don’t believe Sara and Shawn’s marriage will last long.

However, at the rate it’s going, they suspect it might end sooner than they thought. Will be Life after lockdownDoes Shawn Osborne find himself on his own, or looking for a new inmate partner?

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