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Very sorry for the delay on this one. There was a storm and I was without power for four days, coupled with catch-ups and errands, this review ended up on the back burner. So, keeping that in mind, this will be a shorter micro-review of chapter 22 of The Mandalorian, which was directed by series regular Bryce Dallas Howard. The episode was a fun Scoody-Doo style adventure that had some really weird cameos that took me out of the experience.

About those cameos, there were three major guest stars in this episode. The highlight of the three was Christopher Lloyd, who is always a delight to watch. The main reason would be that I think he became the character, not letting his ego take over the character. The same can’t be said for the other two celebrity cameos, which are courtesy of Jack Black playing…Jack Black and Lizzo, who is not a trained actor and it shows. The scenes featuring these two characters really took me out of the experience. As soon as I saw, or should I say hear, Jack Black, I was removed from the show. Many famous actors have been in Star Wars, but Black was just playing Jack Black and it was weird.

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The plot, which recalls I robot, involved Din and Bo searching for faulty droids and the source of their corruption. It was a fun side quest, with a bar of droids in particular as the highlight. In the end, in typical Scooby fashion, it was the first person we meet in the investigation, the character Lloyd, who still believes in the doctrine of a certain Count Dooku.

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The end of the episode saw Bo become the Darksaber’s keeper and I couldn’t help but think that was handy. In episode two of this season, Din was disarmed by this cyborg creature and Bo defeated said creature, so in front of the Mandalorians stationed on the planet, who believe in the power of the sword, return it to him. This scene lasted about five minutes and I can’t help but think it should have been more central to the plot of the episode. This stuff is bigger than the droid investigation, but it felt nailed, underscoring this season’s problem: misdirection.

[Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney+]

Since it’s Wednesday now, you won’t have to wait long for the next review!


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