Brooke Shields feared she might kill herself by crashing into a wall amid severe postnatal depression |

OHMYGOSSIP – Brooke Shields feared she might kill herself by bumping into a wall after being struck down with severe postnatal depression.
The ‘Blue Lagoon’ actress, 57, is now happily settled with TV writer Chris Henchy, 59, with whom she now has two daughters, Rowan, 19, and Grier, 16, but said that she was so upset and depressed after having her eldest. as a child, the girl felt like an “outsider”.
She told the ‘WTF with Marc Maron’ podcast: “I was exhausted. I had been through IVF seven times.
“I lost so much blood when I gave birth to her and had a herniated uterus. It was just everything that could have gone wrong. I thought I was going to die. They were going to give me a hysterectomy .
“There was so much trauma. And then I come home and I don’t know what to do with a baby.
“I’m exhausted and I’m completely out of balance biochemically, and nobody knows, and they just say, ‘Stop breastfeeding or stop doing that.
“I couldn’t understand my mind. It’s the worst. It takes everything that made me who I am and absolutely rips my legs off.
“You feel so helpless and scared. I called the doctor and it was like, ‘Oh, it’s the baby blues.
She added of an amazing follow-up conversation with her doctor in which he apologized for discussing her case with his wife: “The doctor called me back and he said, ‘I’m sorry of violating patient-physician privilege. I talked to my wife, who is a doula (providing emotional support during pregnancy and after birth), about this, and she thinks you have postpartum (postnatal) depression and would you take any medications? »
Brook said she ‘of course’ turned down the offer, but admitted she gave in to the pills after ‘everyone said, ‘Please, please, please. please “.”
She added: “I finally said okay for everyone to let go of me. I started feeling better and wanting to be with her.
But she said the suicidal thoughts kicked in when she stopped taking her medication, which led her to worry about “driving (her) car into a wall” on California’s 405 freeway during her ” very bad” PPD.
She added: “I started to feel more like myself so I went off (the meds)…because I was clearly a doctor at the time.
“I thought I was going to ram my car into the wall on the 405,” she recalled. “You see it (pass)… there are images. They rush, if you close your eyes, into your brain.
Brook said she called her doctor when she started having thoughts and they stayed on the phone with her until she got home, before telling her, “You’re taking the medicine again. immediately.”

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