Billionaire David Geffen Marries Former Go-Go Dancer With ‘Super-Secret’ Past

Billionaire David Geffen’s new “husband” is a former go-go dancer with a secret past.

The 80-year-old media mogul’s net worth is reportedly $7.7 billion. Her friends told the New York Post that her husband was model Donovan Michaels, 30.

Born David Armstrong in Michigan, he used the alias Brandon Foster when he moved to Florida in 201. He began dancing and promoting gay club parties in Miami, including “clothing optional” parties. at the pool “as well as many other hot and sexy guys”.

Geffen and Michaels were spotted landing at a New York heliport last Monday.

Photos of the couple show Geffen showing off a gold band on her ring finger.

Friends of Michaels say he would flaunt his toned physique from time to time on Instagram, and posted from September 2014 he said he was “doing a bit of camming tonight”, adding that he would “do a good show” for anyone who would pay to access his images.

He moved to the Big Apple around 2016 or 2017 for the city’s modeling scene. This time he took on another new name, which he currently uses.

However, a former girlfriend said Michaels only dates women from what she knows about him.

The ex, who asked to remain anonymous, said Michaels always jumps headfirst into any adventure, so she wasn’t surprised by her nuptials.

“I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean, he’s very attractive,” she said. “He was telling me that people assumed he liked guys based on what he posted on Instagram.”

“I know he was getting comments like that from gay men, that he was really attractive and in really good shape.”

It’s unclear how Michaels and Geffen met, but a source said Michaels trained Geffen.

Showbiz411 reported that the couple tied the knot in March in a ceremony attended by only four people.

One of Michaels’ friends, who also asked to remain anonymous, told the Post that the former fitness trainer “is always looking for his next adventure and is really committed to improving his life.”

Geffens owns several sprawling estates across the United States, including one in New York’s most expensive apartments.

Sources told the Post that Michaels came from “very humble beginnings” and was one of 13 children in a family in the small town of Imlay City, Michigan.

A former friend recalled how “super secretive” Michaels was and rarely spoke about his story.

“It took a while to really get to know him because he was very private about his past,” said the friend, who wished to remain anonymous.


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