Monica stops the fight during her R&B performance

Fighting while aunt Monica perform on stage? BFFR! “I don’t sing ‘Knuck If You Buck’, baby, calm down!” she says.

R&B Music Experience in Atlanta

Source: Prince Williams/Getty

The R&B singer is currently participating in the R&B Experience Tour. During her stop in DC, a fight broke out in the crowd as she was on stage performing “Why I Love You So Much”.

At first, the commotion in the crowd troubled Monica. After seeing better what was going on, of course, she had to regulate. Not on his watch!

The singer, affectionately nicknamed “Goonica“, stopped the group. She checked the crowd with a quickness, as only Monica would.

“Wait a minute! I’m singing a love song. I’m not singing ‘Knuck If You Buck’ baby, calm that shit down! Somebody take it and get me a drink! Take ’em and use it me! Calm down,” she said, soothing the crowd.

“They fucked you up, baby? Me too! Join the club. Get out of here,” she continued.

Security quickly escorted the fighters away. Once the crowd died down, Monica moved on to the next song, “So Gone”, to celebrate the fans exiting the venue.

Fans took to social media once the video hit the web. One user said: “monica funny af! they could have at least waited for her to sing “down 4 my 🥷’s” like she normally does 😭 y’all fight love songs 😩.

Another user commented saying, “Wait who fights at an R&B concert.”

Monica eventually took to social media to address the situation and said, “Fighting for why I love you is WILD! I was taken aback by this behavior during Why I Love U So Much 😂 DC was a blast though! Lol.”

You can see Monica on your TV screens hosting VH1’s Celebrity True Crime Story.


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