Metallica celebrates ’72 Seasons’ with ‘Kimmel’ residency

Metallica is days away from releasing their new 72 seasons album — and they have some surprises in store for fans. Not only do they have a world premiere in theaters, but the band will also take over Jimmy Kimmel Live! for a special Metallica week. They shared the new special on social media, noting that they will be performing jams for Jimmy and his audience each night.

“In a first for the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show is ‘Metallica Week’ as we will be the musical guest each night, Monday April 10th through Thursday April 13th,” they wrote on Twitter.

“We’ll be performing live for all four shows, and you’ll also catch us on the couch, chatting with Jimmy one night. Keep your eyes peeled for further sightings during the broadcast, because we really don’t know what else Jimmy will get us involved in!” they also added, according to NME.

The band has worked with Kimmel on projects in the past, as the publication noted he was the host of the Helping Hands charity concert – where Metallica performed “Nothing Else Matters” with St. Vincent last December. The event aired on Paramount+ and was “dedicated to building sustainable communities by supporting workforce education, hunger relief, and other essential local services.”

72 seasons was released 4/14 via Blackened Recordings. Find more information here.


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