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Joseph Baena

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Joseph Baena25 years old, looked like the younger version of his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in her latest set of Instagram photos. The actor’s son and former bodybuilder posed confidently shirtless as he flexed and smiled, in the black-and-white snaps. He wore only jeans and tied a white bandana around his head as a mountain landscape could be seen behind him.

“Prepared for anything!” Joseph captioned his photos. Once posted, her followers were quick to compliment them in the comments section. “No more iron pumping you gon’ be like your dad like in the late 70s 💪💪,” one follower wrote, while another shared, “Genetics is a beautiful thing.” A third posted that he had “abs of steel” and a fourth shared that he was “definitely your dad’s twin”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
A photo of Joseph’s father, Arnold, flexing when he was younger. (Film Partners/Raf Industries/Kobal/Shutterstock)

Joseph’s latest photos aren’t the only ones he’s shown that hark back to his father’s early days. The hunk seems to be very fitness conscious and often shares his incredible results in photos and videos. He works out at the gym regularly and it has given him some amazing opportunities like a spot on Dancing with the stars. He played Hercules at the contest’s Disney night, just like Arnold did in the 1969 film Hercules in New York.

When comparisons to his father began to surface dancing to his role as Hercules, Joseph admitted he was honored. “I love my dad. He’s the smartest, best man I can think of, so to be compared to him, to be in the same character as Hercules, he played Hercules in New York, it’s incredible. It’s awesome. And who doesn’t want to be like their father, right? It’s awesome,” he said on the show.


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