BABYMETAL adds ‘Girls Planet 999’ contestant as the third official member!

Since their inception in 2010, Japanese pop metal band BABYMETAL have been captivating fans around the world with their unique and energetic sound. The group originally consisted of three main members: SU-METAL, YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL. Unfortunately in 2018, original member YUIMETAL announced his departure from the group. But SU-METAL and MOAMETAL have since remained determined to continue performing. With these two founding members still intact, BABYMETAL, the duo was operating with a new line-up of additional musicians and backup dancers to help them deliver electrifying live performances. Despite the loss of an integral part of their group, they have shown that they are still able to create meaningful music together through collaborations with different artists such as F.HERO or Tak Matsumoto.

But now! BABYMETAL, Japan’s biggest kawaii metal band, has welcomed a new member to their trio. Okazaki Momoko has officially joined the group and joins Yuimetal and Moametal in forming. The news comes from the release of their latest full album “THE OTHER ONE.”

The trio are known for their unique blend of heavy metal and Japanese idol pop, creating a sound that has earned them an international following. They have filled stadiums in Japan, Europe and North America, in addition to being invited to major festivals around the world.

Okazaki Momoko joins BABYMETAL with a wealth of music and performance experience. She was ultra-talented as part of “Girls Planet 999” before joining BABYMETAL, making her a perfect fit for the trio’s style and sound.

BABYMETAL’s recent performances in North America marked a milestone in their career. Not only have they played major summer festivals like Sonic Temple Festival and Rock On The Range, but now BABYMETAL are scheduled to perform at Louder Than Life, Blue Ridge Rock and Aftershock Fall Festivals. This is an exciting opportunity for the band and their fans as it has been years since BABYMETAL played on American soil. I’m sure the shows will be once-in-a-lifetime experiences for everyone involved that no one will soon forget.

BABYMETAL fans were undoubtedly thrilled when they heard about these new gigs; however, just because they’re excited doesn’t mean they can let their guard down in terms of safety precautions.

BABYMETAL ‘THE OTHER ONE’ LP marked an important moment in music history. It serves as a powerful symbol of resilience and rebirth for the band, which had been sealed on hiatus after Yuimetal’s departure in 2018. Miraculously, BABYMETAL reformed into a two-piece band plus their robotic creation without a drop in quality or change from their hyper-energetic live performances. Despite the difficult transition period, BABYMETAL continued to push forward and create more ambitious music than ever – which was especially evident with THE OTHER ONE.
The title track is an absolute banger that perfectly encapsulates what makes BABYMETAL so special: searing speed metal fused with sweet J-pop melodies and enough theatrics to rival Broadway musicals.


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